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11-30-2012, 10:17 PM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
Yeah, why not? Honestly, its not as bad as you think. When you use the Lance of a Beam ability, you throw the compliment weapon ability into a cooldown loop. With single cannons (or DC/DHC/Quad?Turrets for that matter) a person can use CRF1/Lance AND HYT at the same time.
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12-01-2012, 01:25 AM
Originally Posted by bubblygumsworth View Post
Mine performed quite well, super tanky etc. I'm just disappointed in the power behind the spinal lance. I'm not too keen on the idea of people asking for saucer separation though.
Were not asking for it, were checking up on when its being done because devs already said a LONG time ago they were adding saucer sep.

Also for those that say it cant seperated, you never saw or heard it couldnt in the show, my diamond select, and amt model can seperate, easy to explain that theres power conduits that disconect in a part of the lance where its between the saucer and battle hull, and holes power for one shot after being seperated. Would be badass a lil saucer flying around using cannons. Also wish they would add like the exaclibur in the books had 2 nacelles that would pop out with a mini warp core for warp speed on the newer galaxy class ships
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12-01-2012, 01:49 AM
You say that the Devs promised you this you all know how they say one thing and do the other. Doubt you will ever see the saucer sep just like us KDF fans will never see another klingon mission in the games lifetime
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12-01-2012, 01:54 AM
The Gal is adequate in PVE only. Problem is what ever the Devs might have promised for it dit will go under like we KDF.
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I bought it just as i joined after f2p and leveled as this is one of my favorite canon ships and just love the spinal lance...but i never used it since then as it has so many drawbacks. the spinal lance beeing way to powerless is the biggest issue. that thing should be able to rip a borg sphere to pieces with one volley, and i dont think the gal-x wouldl be overpowered with that, because of high weapon drain and long recharge. hell, give it a shield drain when firing to make it even more balanced. but it needs more oomph

as for the seperation: how should this work? its a spinal lance, bould into the very structure of the ship and fed by the warp should it work when separating the saucer? theres no warp core left to power it. just give it moore oomph and dont make it seperate
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Originally Posted by digimatl View Post
as for the seperation: how should this work? its a spinal lance, bould into the very structure of the ship and fed by the warp should it work when separating the saucer? theres no warp core left to power it. just give it moore oomph and dont make it seperate
they said it will work like a shortened shotgun. as for me they even could disable the lance on seperation, turnratebuff is what is needed, same for 2nd crf slot. (even with 4 mkxii purple rcs consoles and mkxii omega shield i only get mine to a turnrate of 14/16; powerlevels:100/50/25/25)

edit: spinal in a technical matter i not would say is not possible to seperate. it's a ship, not an animal or such. and this ship already was build to be seperated, so where should be the problem with this?

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Here is an effective build....

As an update if you have the jumper console this thing can be prety mean.
Modified build also works well on the oddy and the excelsior or assault cruiser refits.
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As many others have already pointed out in this thread, this ship desperately needs an overhaul so it isn't one of the worst Z-Store ships in the game. Definitely not worth the asking price currently.
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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
Probably one of the worst ship in game (right after the galaxy). It could use some fleet upgrade. It's a shame those iconic ships get such poor stats.
Utter nonsense. I fly a Galaxy as a TAC and it kicks some, I'm not talking about the Dread either. Only last night I beat my fellow fleet mate in his Fleet Defiant with my Galaxy, he got me once and I got him once and Antz knows how to PvP, we both do. I set out to prove that this iconic ship can be useful in PvP and I believe I achieved my goal. With the Saucer off it is pretty nimble too and now because of it's iconic status and it's abilities as an all round cruiser I fly nothing else even though I have a Bug and all the lockbox ships.

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Now that the Galaxy-x is the featured ship you could finally correct those graphical errors that have been there for a very long time now!

- Center the spinal phaser lance and the buildup above the main shuttlebay
- Reposition the registration on the bottom of the saucer hull so it isn't covered by the spinal phaser lance
- Fix the strange looking warped windows on the rear bottom of the engineering section

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