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Hello mates,

First - english is not my mother tongue language so i am very sorry if there are any spelling errors.

I have a tactical Captain that successfully flies a Heavy Escort Carrier and
a Science Captain that actually flies an atrox carrier.

As i am interested in a Vesta (the 3-Pack Bundle) here are my questions regarding the tac captain:
  • - Is the tactical Vesta a good choice ?
  • - Is any of the escort-using tac captains here using a vesta and has some advice/experience to share ?
  • - Is it a good way to put all unique vesta-consoles of the bundle on one ship ?
  • - Would you recommend buying the vesta pack in order to use it on a tac captain ?

Regarding my science captain, the vesta would be a good fit, but my tac captain has the higher priority.

Thank you very much in advance.

Cestus Sephrax@ianluxor

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