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Just a minor suggestion to the mission; rotating enemies, so the mission becomes 'minefield' in a similar way to fleet-mark missions.

Just to add a little variety, but, keeping the ship type based off who is their allegiance.


KDF can have fed/gorn/nausicaan/orion rebels
FED can have Terran/gorn/nausicaan/orion/Klingon

just a small idea based off being bored of seeing the same old ships, and not seeing other ships.

When was the last nausican ship you attacked? personally.. i dont even remember :|

Obviously some species like borg/tholian/undine should be exempt, as 'blockading' these species doesnt sound right, ..two being from some inter dimensional rift of sorts?

Plus it will help accolade hunters for space ships,

(another minor request, have some for of federation rebels,.. canon supports me on this [kinda] maquis/rouge admirals/crazy captains have been known to turn against the federation )

In a similar ploy, the temple/breaking the planet could also use rotating species, again to keep it fresh, challenge people e.g. orion matriachs i dont even remeber last time i saw one of those beauties , nausicans again, federation rebels/rouges for fed captains to push into line
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12-01-2012, 01:19 PM
Another thing: the named Federation ships (Groveland, Marquette, Landcaster, and Drummond) are reskinned Federation battleships, which means they each have a chance to spawn as an MVAM Prometheus and ruin their costumes. Either preset them as Typhoons and keep the skins, or remove the reskins and just keep them as random battleships.

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