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Attempting to load a character named "Udgich" into ESD, it gets past 40% and then hard locks the entire system. No alt+tab, no ctrl+alt+del. I tried waiting it out and nothing happens. This is NOT the loading-delay problem that plagues ESD, because they makes the game unrespsonsive.

Right up front: This started after I upgraded my motherboard, CPU and memory. I did not reinstall the operating system because I've spent years making tweaks and I don't want to start over again. Worth pointing out that everything else on my system works. I played Far Cry 3 for like 3 hours today. Borderlands 2, fine. Wings3D (openGL acceleration), works fine. Watched hi-def movies, used skype, brower, youtube, IM, everything except STO is completely fine.

And yes, I already installed/reinstalled the relevant drivers for chipset, audio, and video.

So if you're going to say "LOL N00B", just walk away now.

But here's where it gets interesting.

In STO, I can load any of my KDF characters and they work fine. I can load my low-level federation character "Uulila" and get into ESD, and it works fine. And after ESD has been loaded by "Uulila", then I can get "Udgich" into ESD and everything is completely normal.

It's also happened on DS9: Same problem, same resolution. No other maps so far.

So it's only happening for one character on two maps, and only if those maps are being loaded for the first time in a session. Once they are loaded by another character, then I load normally with "Udgich".

So what I'm wondering is if,

1.) anybody has seen a bug like this in STO.

2.) is there any kind of "aggressive logging" feature, where the game will write to disk as it attempts each action so I can attempt to figure out why Udgich in particular is having issues.

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