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# 1 Recluse Dilemma
12-02-2012, 03:13 AM
Hello everyone,
I need help with the recluse carrier. I know there are many threads discussing about it... but I haven't found anything useful (and definitive) yet.
I'm new in the world of carriers so I'll have to ask you many things.
First: the career. Currently I have an engie, a tac and a slot ready for a sci. I was planning to use this carrier on my engineer one but I'm experimenting a sci character on tribble and I have to say it's funny flying a sci ship as the recluse is but I'm afraid for what I ask from a ship (high survivability for PvE and - hopefully - for PvP) I'll need an Engineer. Who knows... I'm not an expert about sci ships so let me know where the recluse gives its best

Second: The build.
As this ship has a powerful universal commander I was thinking to slot there a tactical to gain some extra firepower. Then I've found many who suggest to slot there a sci or eng instead to make that ship extremely survivable. So what should I do? If needed I'll test its capabilities on tribble copying a VA character to know what would suit best my needs
However, I was thinking to something like this:
TAC Ensign: TT1 (a must I would say)
ENG Lt.Comm: EPtS I; RSP I (or maybe one more EPtS here?); AUX2SIF II
SCI Ensign: TSS I
SCI Lt.Comm: TSS I; HE II; *something else here*
UNI (TAC) Commander: Spread I (I would not use that so often, but it could become handy); High Yield II and III; Attack pattern Omega III (or beta III to buff my fighters also, but what if my target uses TT in PvP?)
Weapons: 2 tetryon beam fore, 2 aft, thermionic torp fore, cutting beam aft (or another beam/torpedo here)
Consoles: ENG: 1 Monotanium (borg plasma torps); 1 Parametallic (if that's the correct name... it should be the one who boosts plasma resistance); 1 Neutronium and the assimilated module
SCI: Tetryon Grid; 2 Field generators and 1 Emitter Amplifier
I'm planning to use the MACO set on this ship (or the adapted KHG) so I'll use the emitter amplifier to boost a bit the regen rate of the resilient shield
So... what do you guys think?

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