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# 1 I had to laugh. I had to...
12-02-2012, 03:20 AM
...when days later, I still had my palmprint on my forehead.

I've deleted and rerolled far too many times. With that, I've deleted anniversary ships - FE BOFFs/gear - little things here and there - etc, etc, etc: the general it would have been generally smarter to have just bought more character slots and/or respecs. But hey, I was standing my ground on how expensive the respecs were and that PWE/Cryptic wasn't going to get my money or time that way.

S7 though - and - well, the changes to the sets. I'd have to say that the toons I deleted just before S7 are the toons I miss the most (broken builds they had, I miss them the most - even more than doing EWP powerslides in a Ody).

Consider the Mk X Borg set - worse than the preS7 Borg set.

Deflector 14k Dil
Engine 14k Dil
Shield 14k Dil

Consider the free Borg console, eh? 15k Dil

So that's 57k Dil for something (worse) than what you could pick up in a night's play for free. With the current exchange rate, that's around 509 Zen. For something folks could get for free in a night's play - even with the random chance for Omega/MACO (I had one character with full sets Mk X/Mk XI of Omega/MACO and another without a single drop) - that's going to be over a week on a single toon of Dil farming (where that Dil might have gone to something else) to get to where you could have before.

And that's just a case of looking at Mk X - will anybody even touch that or just wait until they get to Mk XI or Mk XII, eh?

But still, it was a I'm in no big rush sort of thing - knowing that it was going to be a wee while before I ever got back into PvP (though, I did have some quick pops early on for the Dil before I felt that I was just actively AFKing because of a lack of gear and decided not to queue).. why the post? Well, I went ahead and decided to unlock a store item to get an idea of what that looked like. Had seen that various things were costing around 14-15-16k and wanted to get an idea on the stats/cost.

Romulan Mk XI Beams.

I had to laugh. I had to...

20,540 Dil for a 2.5% disruptor proc. The 2.5% proc's the only difference between these beams and those you can get free from a mission ([Acc]x2). Sure, these Disruptor-Plasma Beams are better than the Plasma-Disruptor Beams (+12.5% Acc, better damage, etc) - but it's still just a 2.5% disruptor proc compared to the normal ACCx2 beams - for 20.5k Dil.

@$1.80 a beam (for that 2.5% proc) and 8 beams... but wait, before you start farming or break out your wallet - don't forget these are the Mk XI. There's Mk XII...

So what on Earth does this have to do with PvP?

Consider the alt, reroll, or new player... are they going to break out the wallet or farm the Dil needed to get the basic Borg/Omega/MACO before they queue up? Are they going to bother gearing up? Might they not even know?

So they show up in their "quest gear" - and - yeah...

Used to be a case of saying go grind a little PvE - do some STFs - come back tomorrow. That's no longer the case. Now it's a case of saying go grind Rep, Dil, EC (because it starts to get expensive to do the rep) and come a month or so? Cause any of that Dil they might have been farming for ships or consoles, well... so yeah.

So how many will be "actively" or even passively just AFKing for the Dil...? Whether they're undergeared and trying or they're just sitting there waiting for it to end... some walking away, those staying causing others to walk away... yeah, meh...

Like I mentioned in another thread, STO's not really P2W. STO's become P2P - it's not a sub model, but you're going to be paying all the same. Sure, there's an element of PM2WM - but F2P's history (unless you play by yourself or with others that ignore that aspect).

It's kind of funny, mind you - even the folks that buy Zen for Dil are complaining. 111-113 Dil per Zen - they no longer feel like they're getting their money's worth. Over a 45D/Z drop since S7 launched... remember when it was trading for almost three times as much?

I had to laugh. I had to...


edit: Oh yeah, forgot to say that if you're even going to consider the Reman set - might want to grab your Reman shields before they pull them like they did the other stuff. Heck, for that matter - I wouldn't be surprised if they start pulling anything that's close in power to something they're selling... are those Plasma ACCx2 Beams on the cutting block? Only time will tell...only time will tell, and I had to laugh - I had to...

edit2: This needed a TLDR.

S7 presents an unfortunate gear gate in PvP for new players, alt characters, or rerolls that appears to reflect a major philosophical change on Cryptic's part and the heavy influence of what one expects from Perfect World.

PvP is not PvE - where you can slum your way in replays or STFs until you can do ESTFs. PvP's elite difficulty right off the back.
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