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12-02-2012, 09:08 AM
Originally Posted by doomicile View Post
1) Where Tricobalts are concerned, there is no difference between DPA and DPB. They both launch the same number of mines at their respective Ranks.

which only proves my point of why use beta that you admit is "off" instead of alpha if there is no drawback to it?

2) I already had DPB III from a Rare BoFF mission reward.

yeah, buying boffs with dpb3 off the exchange is so expensive...

3) Does DPA III even exist? I've yet to see it. Therefore, does anyone even use it?

this actually is a valid point. Using a commander ability for mines has always been a ridiculous notion until people learned they could exploit DPB. I guess I've never even tried to look for DPA due to this. Just out of curiosity, you ever use dpb3 with any other kind of mines for a long period of time?

In my experience, since I'm not the only one using Tric mines, they're easy to deal with. You sacrifice a lot to make them effective. It's an all or nothing ability you get to use once every 45 seconds. They're easily avoidable and killable, Cruisers and Carriers shield and hull tank these easy enough.

There are a million things broken in PvP that are exploitable to perform beyond their singularly intended effect with no counters whatsoever.

a million? Really? I'm hard on the devs and even I wouldn't say a million things are wrong

Tric Mines and Dispersal Patterns do what the description says. Even with the new Mine Doff's, they don't really even effect Tric Mines because of the long GCD.

DPB description says one crit, all crit?

The only potential exploit with trics, and this is only from what I've read, are players in the Termporal Ships using the Tippler Console to refresh their BoFF abilities, allowing them to immediately drop a second DPB Mine net. I haven't experienced this so I can't really comment on it.

why do you mention DPB as part of this exploit? Your arguing its fine in the first half of this post, but then say its an exploit if used with tippler...
Wow, you still don't seem to understand my argument. My beef is not with tricobalt mines, but with attack pattern beta. Tricobalt themselves do not need any adjustment in my opinion.

You're also wrong about mines being a all or nothing ability. Just to prove how broken attack pattern beta was when people discovered its broken crit mechanic, I threw it on an escort one night with no points in projectiles whatsoever. I then put them on auto fire and just dropped them every 30 seconds as soon as they came off cool down to show how skill-less they really are. I was popping people left and right with it, and most of the time it came as big of a surprise to me as to the person it killed. After about 5-6 matches of this and some really pissed off people ******** about me using them (including one person in my fleet), I took them off and went back to my vanilla team build.

Please quit making it sound like your putting yourself at such a huge disadvantage by spec'ing into them. If you are using DPB3, it means you're build revolves around the use of them, not that there some small additional help to your build.

Also, by your "so many people use them, so it's easily countered" argument, I guess they should have just left voldie in place too and encouraged e1 to use it in order to counter it?

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