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Originally Posted by juganda47 View Post
the worst thing is, that one day mission like "Grand Nagus: {UFP} Dailies" qualifies, and another one - they don't. also: lots of rpg/story driven missions don't qualify too...
It'll be a shame of many of the Nagus missions don't count. They are pretty much like the dev patrol and exploration missions (some are not), but usually take 10-15 minutes. But that's actuall play time, not quickie clickies.

They are, however, still useful to my characters I am leveling up exclusively through the foundry. They make nice little patrol missions after some of the longer ones, and often include enough combat to give monster kill XP.

Unfortunately, if they do not count toward the daily, I could see Nagus withdraw them to get his foundry slots back. If so, I hope he cooks up some good missions within the time requirement to replace them.
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12-01-2012, 12:52 PM
I'm done with Foundry for now...
After searching through dozens of missions, I found a few I really enjoyed this week that also qualified for the Daily. Today they no longer qualify. I'm not bothering to waste time looking through hundreds of missions that either
a) don't qualify
b) broken
c) take way too long, or are not interesting, etc...

I'll either wait until the spotlight missions section is up; until they just delete all the non-qualifying missions; or whatever the they're doing with this Foundry so that's it is enjoyable again (with hope that will happen).

Even then it's really not worth it for the rewards it gives (I know that's not why we're supposed to play the foundry, but doesn't hurt).
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12-02-2012, 09:25 AM
The easy solution is to reduce the requirement to 1 mission 15 min or more and add a bonus for the spotlight. The cool down should be 10 hrs ( two plays in 24 hours,). Also clean up Foundry to remove non-contributing missions or make search engine that does this. Foundry missions can be fun, but having to hope that the one you are playing will work is not fun.

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