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12-02-2012, 09:37 AM
I'm glad they got rid of the 1 click missions. It was causing rampant dil supply inflation.
This wasn't fair to players who earn dilithium legitimately as the inflated dil market caused their hard earned dil to be worth less. I have no problem reaching dil refinement cap on multiple characters by actually playing the game and not cheating.
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12-02-2012, 09:54 AM
Originally Posted by atomictiki View Post
"Plenty" of ways to make it, but less of it, and it takes a lot longer to get it. That's what's called a raw deal and nothing to cheerlead about.
How is it a raw deal? Take Big Dig for example. An instance that takes less than 20 minutes and when paired with the daily, it gives you a significant amount of dil.

Fact is if all people want to do it complain that they can't get this or that because of time constraints, maybe playing the game should not be what they are doing with their time. I even once read a post where a guy thought we should get 500 dil just for logging in for the day...WHAT!?!

All this and now they give us mark turn ins for dil and a small amount of rep. Really, what more do you want? The improvements have increased the value of dil which is something I'm sure all of us wanted. I have no seen any increase in time to make it at all. In fact, I think I am spending less time working to get the dil cap. For someone like me who spends a good deal of their time talking in chat and socializing, these changes have improved dil collection.

Remember, the idea of a game is not only fun, but also to present a reasonable challenge. In my eyes, the changes seem reasonable. You don't see it that way. We can agree to disagree.

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# 43 exploit my behind
12-02-2012, 10:30 AM
if this was such a horable exploit why take so so long to fix it???

ok so you dont want quick click at least make it so you can do 3 - 10 min missions

2 - 20 min missions or 1 long mission to get the reward. the fixes so far so good I am

enjoying the game more then when season seven started. That said the foundry like so

much else cut to deep need to give back a little.
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12-02-2012, 10:36 AM
I find it interesting that you called the thread "Devs vs Players".

The Players will ALWAYS win... No worries... someone is going to figure out a way to work around current limitations... That's been the strength of the playerbase since day one.
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12-02-2012, 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by marielang View Post
if this was such a horable exploit why take so so long to fix it???
Are you really going to ask why it takes Cryptic so long to fix something specific?

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