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# 1 Vor'Cha-R build
12-02-2012, 01:18 PM
Hi everybody, after leveling to 40 I received my first battle cruiser! Now I'm just wondering what build I should use. I am currently a level 47 Tactical Klingon, I used to fly a tier 3 Bop, then I flew the Mirror Qin raptor. I do have a idea of the build though:

Front weapons: 2 Torps, 2 beam array. ( Planning on using disruptor, and quantum/plasma )
Rear weapons: 4 beam arrays. ( Planning on using disruptor )
Science Console: Ideas please.
Engineering Console: Ideas please.
Tactical Console: Weapons energy damage+. ( Maybe a Torp Chamber )

Tactical Ensign: Beam Fire at Will I.
Tactical Lt.: Beam Fire at Will I, Torpedo Spread II.
Science Lt.: Polarized Hull I, Hazard Emitters II.
Engineering Lt. Cmd: Emergency Power to Shields I, Engineering Team II , Reverse Shield Polarity II.
Engineering Cmd: Engineering Team I , Engineering Team II, Emergency Power to Shields III, Eject Warp Plasma II.

Please give me any suggestions, if you think some of my abilties/weapons/gear could be improved thank you all!


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