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It was mentioned that they plan to add more mission to New Romulus over time and I wanted to list some ideas about what we would like to see. The current ones are fine, but I think there is room for a lot more, and of different types.

1) Map wide red alert - I like the red alerts but one giant map wide one would be pretty cool. A Tal'shiar invasion or a Borg invasion or even a random threat would be nice. If they introduce the Iconians soon we could even have an Iconian invasion as they use their gateways to transport ground forces to the planet.

2) Each section should have at least 1 diplomatic mission. For a map that has romulans, klingons and feds working together there really should be some problems that need discussing. Missions that involves settling and argument or solving a problem would be most welcome. These could have fail conditions and be text heavy to flesh out the characters and world.

3) Each section should have 1 officer of the watch type mission from a Starfleet/Klingon official. So like the embassy and starbase ones, each contact has 4 or 5 different missions that rotate around at random. these would be simply missions like locate a lost Romulan, or defeat 10 Tholians, or repair perimeter security turrets or simple fetch, escort missions. The key is with 6 zones and each having random missions, every trip to new romulus would offer something different.

4) Set NPC's with fixed mission that dont change but do offer something a little more interesting. This could be tracking down a Hirogen Alpha that is terrorising the population, investigating a strange portal that has appeared, investigating a murder, searching a crashed transport for survivors and what cause the disaster, stealing plans from Tal'Shiar agents. These could be a combination of solo and team based missions that help further the story, and are not just clicking F.

5) More instances. I have really enjoyed the 3 I have played so far. I would like to see these expanded upon as separate maps obviously give more freedom.

6) Space Red Alert. This would be a combat version of the Romulan space map. Its a beautiful looking map, and a random space fight would be fun to see. perhaps you have to defend the transwarp gate, and convoy shipments.

House of Cards - Lvl 46 Fed mission

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