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# 1 [IND] Memo Dump
11-20-2012, 07:07 PM
[IND]Memo Dump.
As with the move of bar location, this is now our new home for [IND] business ...
Traders Dump will continue unabated for all to use.

Everyone else please respect this as our other roleplay thread, and unless invited ... You know the score.

MESSAGE TO: All [IND] and Epsilons

COMM ID: The Shrike CEO

New office premises now in operation ... All standing operational procedures, and any changes to status will be posted here. Please add any inter office memos and all paperwork to this board ... My in-tray will as usual be avoided as long as possible.
That is all.


The Shrike CEO
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# 2
12-01-2012, 08:28 AM
---Incoming Message---
Identification: Adam Jensen


Gentlemen, I am pleased to inform you that I've completed the paperwork and all associated permits pertaining to the new:

Interspace Neuralnet Division Company Security Authority.

This new entity has been created to the immediate benefit of all members with a validated and active contract. The Authority, or CSA for short, will provide a quality escort service to members of the corporation that so request it. Currently, I've given the directive that no charge will be placed on the account of any individuals that require CSA services.

Instead, I encourage you to promote the agency's development by transferring any amount of funds from their Division Secure Neuralnet Accounts.

I have my eyes and hopes in this new endeavor, people. Anything you wish to know from the Company Security Authority? Ask me for now. In a while, I will place the agency's contract terms and detailed structure in attachment.

---End of Message---

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# 3
12-02-2012, 11:21 PM
Im getting alot of static on my end, could you resend....... Over?
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# 4
12-02-2012, 11:50 PM
This is Ground Control to Major Tom
You've really made the grade
And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear
Now it's time to leave the capsule if you dare
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# 5
12-03-2012, 01:33 AM
This is Jebediah Kerman. All systems go. Ignore the flash hanging off the space craft.
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# 6
12-03-2012, 04:53 AM
Five months now adrift in space. Comms down, life support on reserve power. The only food left are the scrappy dry rations Starfleet provide in case of replicator malfunctions. It's one of the quirks of warp travel that it makes the universe seem a smaller place, but alone in this tin can, drifting endlessley through the black void of teasing, leering stars I begin to understand how big space really is.

I brush the dust from the bed where she died. After the third month it was like she knew what was coming, like she just... gave up. Mom. I try to utter the syllable but it sticks in my throat like bad grapok sauce. Mom. I'm so sorry.

I can barely see above the console from the helm chair, but I'm going to try bring the systems back online. If I can just squeeze a little more power from the flickering, sputtering warp core, I could send one last subspace message. My small fingers flick inexpertly over the console as I try to remember the warp mechanics I learned in school. Why didn't I listen?! The computer flickers a message. Text only.


I hit 'OVERRIDE' This is my last chance. My only chance. I Input the message destination 'Drozana Station' and type my message.


I hit send. The power drains. The air becomes still and thick. I look over to the blue lips of my mother and I could swear they turned up at the corners into a smile. Mom, I hope I made you proud.
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# 7
12-04-2012, 04:30 PM
Originally Posted by sonicshower View Post
Im getting alot of static on my end, could you resend....... Over?
Incoming teletype.....

Updated orders verified.

Location.... Mindelo Base, Omega 50.

Transmission successful...

---> Opening file. <---
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# 8
12-04-2012, 04:38 PM
From the desk of the Secretary general:

Gentlemen of the Board,

Good news, The disagreements with the Battle Group Gamma is at an end. This means that we will have additional routes available to us, as well as more profit. This will make Mr. Simon very happy. We have already received a list of items that are needed. All we need now is a destination. I will update the board as soon as that info is received.


Jonathon Winster III
VP of Procurements

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# 9
12-04-2012, 06:04 PM
Sub-space message:
Eleftheria S###########, aka The Shrike

COMM ID: The Shrike
ACCESS ID: 118032b-PO
LOCATION: Star-base 173, Delta Doradus sector


At 0800 hours yesterday, I was contracted, by Task Force Delta, to transport forty scientists, and their classified work, from Deep Space 6 to Zeta Volantis to Star-base 173.
Apparently, the documents were more sensitive than I was told. The problem did not begin until the Talvath system, where the route was mined from Talvath to Alpha Volantis, at the edge of Romulan territory.
Four unidentified craft engaged without warning and breached my hull before I was able to respond. Luckily my gunner was able to keep the fighters at bay as I plotted coordinates through the mine field. My cruise engines engaged, and we were on our way, but a nova torpedo had already locked on, slamming into the port engine, causing severe damage to the reactor core. I managed to put some good distance between us and made it to the edge of the sector, when another explosion rocked the ship as I was going into gray mode. When we arrived in Federation space, I could only proceed on impulse power, my cruise engines were gone and my thruster was inoperable.
Surprisingly, I encountered no Zakdorn between those two destinations, and my ship was able to limp into port. Luckily, no scientist was killed, and their research was still intact, but I did lose my chief engineer and three other crew members when the port engine exploded.
I am now docked at Star-base 173, and expect to be here for the next few weeks while my ship is being repaired. Luckily, there is no shortage of Shire parts here and the mechanics know this ship well, so it should not be long before I'm underway again.

These attacking ships were rather strange, jet black with one red stripe running the length of the ship, no running lights and a design similar to that of the Nepthys. I've never encountered a craft like that and I'm certain that the attack was not against me, but rather the scientists - and whatever it was they were carrying - but I needed to warn you just the same.
It is imperative that all of us use Epsilon escort when transporting human cargo - especially when classified documents are involved... I anticipate more problems in the future.

That is all for now.

-Shrike out.



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# 10
01-02-2013, 10:01 PM

COMM ID: Shrike

No. ReDalert has not forgotten we are stationed near Japori. Your confusion is not without merit.

Seems you guys are on the ball there ... Watching the situation with interest. No comms have been received from the The Sons of Themis regarding the House of Marok, with this situation. As lawful traders we ought to be made aware of any moves to restrict our business further.
Bit disappointed with TSC's stance on this so far, letting these wannabe pirates roll in and call the shots there.
Nathan, keep the Forestal on a high readiness alert, and I will be contacting Hooch about deployment of all the CR142s to surrounding systems to back you up in the eventuality of an escalation.
If in doubt guys, trade routes elsewhere are always available ... Not so much profit, but better to be rich than dead ...
Lets be careful out there.


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