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This is yet another plea for BoP and Tachyon drones to get a buff, I don't know about others but i hardly see anyone using carriers much on the kdf side. The BoP pets current "circle the enemy using only the turret" AI is a source of much raging and a major turn off from the Vo'Quv carrier, i know you have better AIs in the game, evidence in the Bortasqu's HoH'SuS BoP pet which is awesome.

I think I heard somewhere its a balance issue but in both pvp and pve they don't do nearly enough with their circling, evidence in the fact that no one hardly uses them except to mess around or don't know what their doing. The fact is that their simply unreliable especially in STFs where they just circle the slow moving targets doing next to nothing,might as well use fighters cause you can count on them to spam torps.

In pvp they are also useless, same circling story on slow moving targets, on fast moving targets they just plain miss everything in addition to obviously going to pains to maintain circling. (when they approach from 10k out in a direction to maintain circling it makes you want to tear your hair out)

Sure they could have alot of burst dps potential but you rarely ever see it and never when you want to. And Vo'Quvs are not like Kar'Fi Battle Carriers they lack the turn rate and slots to be effective on their own.

Now for the Tachyon Drones, they got nerfed to oblivion a while ago, after I had already payed to get them... with RL money. Now I have not seen anyone use these in pve or pvp in months This should be an OBVIOUS indicator that they are horrible. you have to fill your science slots with flow capacitors along with specing into it to make them even relatively useful against targets that have very low or no resists, against anything with resists or even normal tanking capacity they are useless against. Not to mention they attract aggro instantly like they did before they got nerfed and in pvp even the advanced version gets nuked instantly considering you can only have 4 max at a time with both hanger slots being used and one of the longer cooldowns for hanger pets.

I've been seeing less and less carriers in this game, even the feds who were kill happy about getting carriers (and eliminating one of the reasons to go KDF) have started to stop using them and they even have a tactical carrier.
All I'm asking is that the devs take a serious look into them, preferably giving the hanger BoPs the HuH'SuS AI and tachyon drones a buff. With the nerf to Siphon drones the KDF could use a buff for the obviously broken hanger pets.
Devs have probably not felt much pressure to look into these thing cause
#1 kdf are a minority
#2 The "if it suck they can use something else" excuse
#3 its nothing game breaking cause they could use something else

But suffice to say "good" players don't use carriers seriously, and for good reason.

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