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03-07-2012, 05:29 PM
You should try 5-man foundry STF type sort of missions, and you will know the difference ... also loot-wise. I've done the Mini STF Dominion from Eris the Vorta and got a purple and two blue drops in a single section of three sections. Then no blue drop admittedly in the second part, but two blue drops again in the final part. On normal, this wouldn't have happened for sure.
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03-08-2012, 10:54 AM
Originally Posted by moronwmachinegun
On Elite, you have to have your turrets setup, generators, cover shield, etc. and then pull the mobs into your death-ring.
I do that too! XD
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03-11-2012, 02:21 PM
Elite difficulty Ground Explore missions are just beyond difficult, mostly because of the nuke attacks the mobs have. I just dont do those. Fortunately, Episode Elite Ground mission enemies dont seem to have these nuke attacks. Mostly its just Explore missions that have the nukes, since ive stopped doin those i havent run into any. But i dont do ground much.

Elite difficulty Space missions, on the other hand, are just slightly more difficult than advanced. I rarely die in these, really only if i happen to aggro just way too many enemies with way too much DPS, like 2-3 cubes and some spheres and a few probes from Kerrat, type DPS(Even a stack of enemies like this is doable with some patience and kiting tactics. But sometimes you get overconfident/bored and just charge them, and get popped). Yes, you do need to keep some, even just a tiny amount of shielding up to prevent the damage spikes from torpedoes popping your ship, but most of these missions allow for maneuvering and using all 4 of your shield facings. I really kind of like the effort required and tactics needed for elite difficulty missions.

I really dislike Elite STF Borg enemies though. No maneuvering required because Borg drop ALL your shields at once, might as well just park and rotate through your cooldowns *sigh*. Then theres the massive, ridiculous, 'nothing you can do about it' spike damage from torpedoes etc. i think the highest ive seen was an 86k doomblast of OMGWTFBBQ. 15 to 30k is very common. Dont forget theres the, literally, millions of soulcrushing hitpoints you have to slog through. On top of that theres the ship design of the Borg, specifically the Cubes. A massive grayish wall, thats more starBase than starShip, slowly turning in space(until the new 'extreme banking' Bug was introduced recently, but now they just look ridiculous). Its the worst case of MMO grindhouse design ive ever seen. Simply mindnumbing.

About the only things i like about Elite STFs are the Loot and the Borg VoiceOver, which is very good and sets the mood well. I really hope they add NON-Borg Elite STF level missions at some point. Something like Fleet engagements but with more difficult opponents.
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12-03-2012, 06:14 AM
Sometimes, in Elite ground exploration missions, two groups of enemies will spawn close to each other and when you pull aggro, you can see 10 to 14 enemies marching to you at once.
It's the sight of doom.
Nothing helps.
You roll aside the enemy grenade, only to be 2-3-shotted by 4 other grunts, who constantly fire at you, while the enemy officers wipe out your away team.
No time for skills, the fabrications go down first, then my dedicated doctor, then it's me, then my two tactical officers, the engineer is usualy last, they cook him slowly, laughing at me, taunting me to try to engage them next time... Probably my 20th time...
Sometimes I cry...
Some of these missions are unwinnable.
But I keep trying.
I cannot bring myself down to play on less than Elite difficulty.

P.S. I learned alot from this thread, thank you for your inputs, guys.

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