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Originally Posted by connectamabob View Post
I think the Vesta should definitely get it's own bridge, especially since it's actually three separate ships and not just three costumes for one ship (or three ships sharing one costume, like the Oddy). I just don't think the Prometheus bridge is right stylistically. It's a little out of date, timeline-wise, and kinda looks even older (more like late movie-era instead of late TNG).

IMO something in the style of the C-store Oddy bridge, since that's more concurrent timeline-wise, but a little more compact and/or utilitarian looking, and with a darker scheme to go with the default hull scheme. Sort of the Intrepid to the Oddy's Galaxy, if that makes any sense.

What I've wanted to see for a long time in Trek, and I think this would be perfect for the Vesta, is a bridge with an Imax dome style viewscreen. Like Voyager's astrometrics lab display, but on the bridge.
I don't think the Promethus bridge it's right either - but what is? It doesn't have a dedicated bridge, many of the existing bridges 'feel' too large for it. (little wonder it looks outdated though - the TV series one was a re-dress of the Excelsior bridge used in 'Flashback' )

Switched to the San Fransico bridge from the Sovereign pack, which I slightly prefer (and it's more modern in STO terms) but it still feels a bit too big.
Originally Posted by robdmc View Post
Remember, this place [Captain's Table] is so desolate that upon entering the Aenigma Nebula you will be prompted with a warp out box because the game thinks you flew there by mistake.

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No, you're definably right: there is no current bridge that feels right for the Vesta. Either it's a half-decent style fit, but too big, or it's the right size, but the wrong style. That's what I was getting at by implication (guess I didn't make it clear enough).

But that plus the fact that it's actually three ships, and C-store ships to boot, means IMO it's actually pretty weird/glaring that it didn't get its own bridge pack. If the Vesta doesn't merit a bridge pack, or at lest one unique bridge, then WTF actually will?

And this is coming from someone who doesn't own a Vesta, so this isn't just a Vesta fanboys whining for more stuff. It just doesn't seem to make sense, even from the outside, and that doesn't bode well for future special ship releases.

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