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11-29-2012, 08:48 AM
Originally Posted by twam View Post
Edit: put like that, it does seem slightly overpowered, doesn't it?
Little bit, yeah...

My Federation Tactical Captain (not my main) is still flying an Orb Weaver for that very reason: Tykens Rift 1 + Gravity Well 1 + TBR 3 + Vent Theta Console + Tholian Web Console, about the only things missing are a Aceton Assimilator and a few Fighter wings set to "Intercept"!

As an aside, since season 7 kicked in I've been testing quite a few cruiser builds for "main tanking" the new + improved Borg. Lots of them were able to tank large groups of weaker foes, but I found that the best option for tanking hard single-targets on Elite without dying has been an Odyssey - due entirely to the ability to swap the LtCom Universal slot from a Tac BOFF (Normal mode) to a Sci BOFF (Boss Tank mode).

I've also become quite fond of using the Aegis Engine/Deflector + Mk XII MACO shield combo for tanking since the Borg set change! 80% Defence on a cruiser is nothing to sneeze at...

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11-29-2012, 11:10 AM
they increased because rutaion tier 3 and 4 boost shields why need 12 for elite and set boff's up right same with doff's you have to adapt to it
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11-29-2012, 12:57 PM
I have no idea what you just said. I suspect you're telling us we need to adapt to the new situation, but the discussion was about ways of doing that, anyway.

I recommend punctuation and capitalisation.
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11-29-2012, 07:56 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
There is always going to be a very good chance that an incoming High Yield Plasma torpedo will kill you outright, if it was fired from a Cube or Tac Cube. This is as designed, because they are easily countered by destroying them before they reach the intended target. They can also be outran, by using powers that increase your speed (like Evasive Maneuvers, e.g.).

I've performed extensive testing of targetable torpedo types, alongside our FX team, to ensure that they are not subject to the same FX drop-off issues that cause the infamous "Invisible Torpedo" -- it simply does not happen. This is because the shiny, glowy green HY Plasma balls are not FX, they are Costumes. They will not turn invis, they will not drop off because of excessive particle visuals going off in your vicinity. They may become difficult to see because of FX clutter, but I can guarantee that they are not invisible.

Torpedo Spreads - that's another issue altogether, and one that is currently under review for further tweaking.

The FX drop-off issue in general is something we've been seeking a tech fix for, for a long time now. It was brought to the forefront of our concerns when we rolled out the 20-man Starbase Defense events/missions, and saw it in full swing even in skirmishes taking place on the outlying areas of the map. There is no quick fix for this issue, and it's something we continue to struggle to overcome. The best we can offer at this time, is that it's a limitation we are aware of, and that we do our best to work with when creating and tuning content and encounters.
I don't understand why you can't just increase the draw cap. Other MMOs have far far more on-screen players and objects and they just don't have this problem.

Nor do I understand your claim that you "design content with this in mind". Recent content features a very great abundance of carriers, fighter pets and projectile weapons. By adding more carriers, fighter pets and other small objects, you are actively making the problem worse and causing more players to experience invisitorps by pushing them over the draw cap.

Regarding Borg plasma, I struggle to understand your position. You can't tell a bunch of players that what they are routinely seeing (and makes normal play very frustrating) isn't real. Either you're not looking for yourself, you're not understanding what you're seeing, or you're misrepresenting the facts.

Either way, your response is sadly just not very helpful. You'd have been better off being honest, or at least acknowledging that the problem probably exists in some form, something objectively obvious even to a non-player for the simple reason that so many obviously qualified players are complaining about it.

Another possible fix might be to just do in STO what is done in other MMOs such as TERA and WoW which is to form fixed group compositions based on class roles and make sure that every STF group has a qualified cruiser tank with plasma armor.

Honestly I found your response disappointing in the greatest degree because I was hoping that your design intent was to reinforce class roles, which would be a good thing and serve to balance escorts with cruisers. But what you say seems to indicate that if that is happening, it is an unintended positive consequence, and therefore not by design. This is unfortunate and I can only say it does not reflect well on you.

Please understand what I say here is meant as completely honest and constructive and I think you would do yourself well to internalize it.

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11-29-2012, 08:38 PM
There is another thread called 3 reasons the borg are over powered and there is a responce from a programmer saying they now believe that there is something wrong with the Borg Torps and they are going to fix it. He stated that there should be no one shot kills from the Borg torps.
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11-29-2012, 09:39 PM
Originally Posted by admgreer View Post
There is another thread called 3 reasons the borg are over powered and there is a responce from a programmer saying they now believe that there is something wrong with the Borg Torps and they are going to fix it. He stated that there should be no one shot kills from the Borg torps.
Still not in the patch notes.
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11-29-2012, 09:40 PM
Originally Posted by admgreer View Post
There is another thread called 3 reasons the borg are over powered and there is a responce from a programmer saying they now believe that there is something wrong with the Borg Torps and they are going to fix it. He stated that there should be no one shot kills from the Borg torps.
We'll see what happens.

I've heard that borg torps, isometric charge and one shot abilities in general were being "brought in line" in one form or another for months on end.

We've gone from bad to worse at this point.

Nothing has gotten better, and Borg NPCs across the board all have several ways of basically removing a player character in a matter of seconds at this point.

> Cubes and Gates no longer have limited firing arcs.
> We have now have 3 completely different issues with Torpedos being able to one-shot players, one of which is apparently design intended as per Bort's post.
> We have borg, and KDF NPCs, still currently using one hit kill capable, AoE, Isometric charges.
> We have massive, stacking, hull plasma fires that seem to be way out of balance. 700 per tick is the norm, I've seen irregular tick spikes up to 7k while fielding 3 Neutroniums. Laughably, if you manage to survive the endless hammering of 30k to 60k torp spreads, or invisi-torps, or 300k+ damage HYT III torps - you get to eat a, stacking, hull plasma fire proc afterwards
> We've been forced to either run one of the poorer shields available (borg) or simply lose a Shield Heal Proc, Hull Cleanse Proc, Shield Drain proc ability all wrapped in one.

So I'll believe it when I see it.

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11-30-2012, 02:57 PM
Borticus, I don't believe the heavy plasma torpedoes should be a good chance insta-kill. The idea that they are easily shot down is simply not true. Even with high targeting skills, you still have a good chance to miss those torpedoes, making them not as easy to shoot down.

This is the same with those unimatrix ships; the plasma spheres have high defense for their size and they even have decent HP. I used to be able to handle a direct hit from one of those in my cruiser if I had near full HP and a full shield facing, but now you can't tank those, period.

I really think the bonus-defense of those torpedoes should be re-looked at or tone them down not to do insta-kills on fully healthy ships.
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12-02-2012, 11:25 AM
From the time this was fired to the time that my ship was destroyed must have been less than a half of a second.

I didn't even see the torpedo and I was facing the Cube.

[Combat (Self)] Tactical Cube deals 47873 (223910) Kinetic Damage to you with Plasma Torpedo - Heavy III.

One shot kill, no torpedo visible, no reaction time for the player.

This was with 70% shields, full hull (45,831 hull - 2k short, lol!) - base 30% kinetic resistance with 9.5K shield per facing, EPTS 1 with 90 power to shields, MACO MK XII Shield, etc.

Does it make sense from an encounter design standpoint to force all ships to use AoE attacks against large single targets?

At this point I'm switching every ship to CSV over CRF or loading up multiple copies of Weapon Power devouring BFAW just so I can deal with Borg 200k+ to 300k Torpedoes.

Bort, I urge you to please reconsider one shot kill abilities like this that limited to smaller window of opportunity or firing arc on the part of the NPCs.

360 degree, one hit kill, spammable powers do not fit that definition.

Elite STFs would be much better served if the high end of NPC damage capabilities were brought down but their low end & median damage abilities were pushed higher - this helps create a role space for ships like Cruisers and Sci Ships.

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12-03-2012, 09:00 AM
i now this isnt a tac cube, but i just came from a kase and watched donatra decloak, and even before she's fully decloaked 'boom', hit a poor lad with her thealeron death beam without warning, 'poof' goes the ship and i go holy crap

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