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# 1 My Jem/Fleet Defiant build
12-02-2012, 08:32 PM
This is for Running 4 DHC's and 3 Turrets only, no mines no Torps.
And trust me it is mean, The burst and Flat out DPS is staggering with Fleet weps.
Poloron on the Bug and Antiproton on the Defiant.
All builds using 5 XII purple + %30 Tac Consoles.
( I know not all can afford XII purple anti proton consoles)
This build will only work well for this setup. If you want more tanking or exotic sci abilities you need to spec differently. But if you want to only fly hard hitting fast shake and bake escourts this this is a great build. Remember to check out the way to spec your captian skills I also use Omega set for the most DSP on the Defiant. And other will disagree but the Jem set is the only choice in my opinion for the Bug. You can swap the Shields for Maco. But you want the 2 set poloron bonus.

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# 2
12-02-2012, 09:41 PM
It's a fairly good build overall. However, you do seem to have too many Team skills. 2 Tac team 1, Tact team 3 and Eng Team 1 is going to run you into global cooldown a lot, making some of these abilities useless. I suggest swapping out TT3 for APO1, which boosts your damage in a similar way as TT3, while not triggering global cooldown on the rest of your team skills.
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# 3
12-03-2012, 05:23 AM
Yes it has way too many teams and all teams are on the same cooldown which is crazy (I'm thinking the crew has one team with like 3 shirts and when you need tac they switch to red and run to work and when you need sci they throw on their blue shirts and run to their stations and so on, very very very inefficient.)

But also this build is not unique in the slightest. In fact it looks like every other players build for an escort. Anti-pro dual heavy's with cannons and purps, nothing unique about it at all. Wish I could say it was though,. Me I use a totally different set up just to get away from the con popping of these types of builds, it may not be as powerful as if I were using duals but I feel far better being able to set myself apart by using beams.
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# 4
12-03-2012, 09:10 AM
I am not a fan of the Fleet space weapons.

I run [crtd]x3 phasers and they are amazing.
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# 5
12-03-2012, 09:49 AM
lol a man after my own heart. I use the borg MKII phasers, and i just can't stop.

Can't help myself but to use phasers... i just have to... it's in my blood
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# 6
12-03-2012, 10:19 AM
As mentioned, 3 of any team will not get used, to say nothing of 4 teams, 3 of which are the same. This is a major flaw.

As for the spec itself, it's pretty awful from a min/max point of view, and not great from any point of view.

The single point in many skills with a red spec in others (added to the 3 tac teams) makes me wonder if you're actually serious or if you are trolling with this. Sorry if you're genuine, honest answer follows:

Most skills aren't worth going into the red on because of how little you get for going from 6 to 9 points.

That said, you haven't skilled the following to 6:
Attack Patterns (APB)
Flow Capacitors (Polaron proc)
Shield Emitters (EPTS)
Starship Sensors (is supposed to affect FOMM, some report that it is not currently doing so)

3 points each in Threat Control and Hull Plating will get you more resist for your money than 6 in Hull plating. That's personal preference, as some don't want the threat.

You should be using batteries, if nothing else a weapon battery as part of your alpha, so you should have that skilled.

Not skilling Power Insulators is just dumb if you want to run any content outside of Borg PvE, like any fleet action involving Klingons or Tholians.

Aux performance to 6 will do more for you since you're running PH and HE than going all the way to 9 in Armor will.

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