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Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
SANTA (No I will not use his stupid fed name... and he was good despite his need to build around broken crap)
To be honest, I thought all my in-game names were stupid and I never used any builds that were outside of the accepted norm by the PVP community. I.E. at least 70% of the people I encountered used the abilities I used.

Anyways, yes. I left STO because of the crap that was coming out and the general feeling of (I don't care about PVP at all) that was coming from the devs. I tried to stay, hell I even made my STO forum stuff look pretty, but the relentless money grabbing by the devs and lack of testing made it difficult for me to find a reason to stay despite my love for star trek and space.

If anyone is interested in PVP, come join me on Guild Wars 2 or Planetside 2. You won't find any P2W there or a lack of PVP support.

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Originally Posted by fakehilbert View Post
What is this? Royal "we"?

By whom? Tricobalts are a bad idea because they aren't reliable enough. (And the whole stun and multiple hits from dispersal patterns thing is no fun either.) Who in their right mind would sacrifice a high-level tac slot on an escort for a dispersal pattern (and two weapon slots for the mines themselves) that will be easily countered by FAW and/or TBR?

How about you just post full details on all possible future premade setups that I have tossed around?

Why is it that someone always has to go to the forums and make completely stupid "from now on TSI will only run spam crap" announcements? I have no intention of doing anything like that - not when Zorena announced it years ago and not now. And I hope that I'm not the only one in the fleet who thinks that way.

Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
I would also say to you this... and anyone that has played TSI members... (frankly I think most of the TSI members know this is true as well)... There has ONLY ever been 7 good players in TSI... Yes I will name names
SANTA (No I will not use his stupid fed name... and he was good despite his need to build around broken crap)

Not trying to hurt your feelings... but when you trade the TSI name, for cred. You are trading on the reps THOSE individuals build as solid top of the game players. At this point as far as I know only 2 of those people still play STO. If you want that kinda of respect with out those folks you should work more on building some on your own.
Only 7 good players? heh, I still play STO in my spare time, and I feel as though I am equal to any of the 7 players that you listed in terms of skill.
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12-03-2012, 07:48 PM
Originally Posted by fakehilbert View Post
And I hope that I'm not the only one in the fleet who thinks that way.
You're not alone, Hilbert, I have no intention of spamming Tric mines...

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Originally Posted by keisyea View Post

Only 7 good players? heh, I still play STO in my spare time, and I feel as though I am equal to any of the 7 players that you listed in terms of skill.
its no so much the "skill" of the people he listed as that it is those are the people when one thinks of "TSI PREMADE RUN AWAY!" if you saw any combo of those 5 you generally were gonna have a bad time.

i dont think its anything personal keisyea.
Originally Posted by mancom View Post
Frankly, I think the only sound advice that one can give new players at this time is to stay away from PVP in STO.
Science pvp at its best-
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This is at least the fourth version of this thread ive seen where TSI decides that they will now use all the cheese in the game. It's like the matrix - this has all happened before and will happen again.

Heres a STO history lesson - TSI has always and will always use cheese and exploits to win. I can't believe years later people still think otherwise. From Tactical Captain exploits to FAW to Torp Spread to whatever it is now, theyll use it. Dont believe otherwise.

TSI and Qew made a tournament ruleset with some restrictions, one of them being the one hit kill torp spread. We'd meet them in arena queues, beat them 15-0 under the tournament rules, only to have them come back literally 5 minutes later in the next game with the same 5 guys but this time with torp spread on their science ships.

They had to though. Someone said they have 7 good players. Thats a joke. They have 2. Rock and Era. Era keeps the team alive, and Rock blows things up. Everyone else is filler. Control rock with harrassment (power drains, turn speeder debuffs, tractor beams) and then TSI gets no kills. Thats why they had to use torp spread on their Sci ships to get any kills against us, because they only had 1 escort player that could do anything and he was easy to control.

Anyways, I cant believe theres still drama around this fleet. This topic is exactly what theyve been like the whole time.

Love Kharns


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I heart QEW.

We need you guys back to teach these Klingons a thing or two about fighting Fed fleets.
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Kharn, stop playing stupid TOR and come to MWO.
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We've thought about it, but the general feeling is that we enjoyed the game for what it was at the time, but none of us really want to see what it has become under the p2w design. I know I personally left on a high note with Stegi's going away event. If the game ever becomes competitive we'll look into it, but it seems it hasnt changed.

To Jorfy - I will be playing MWO, just not with you
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12-03-2012, 09:30 PM
This is all I got to say about tric mines and TSI

Tric mines or not, they are still Winning!!!
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Originally Posted by devorasx View Post
Originally Posted by devorasx
Season 7 has provided lots of challenges and tribbleations, and TSI has been discussing among themselves far and wide. Season 7 has introduced new passives, a reputation grind, and a belief that escort online is somewhat still the motto of the game. So we would like to announce some new playstyle changes in our fleet to the community, and what we intend to do in hope of some favourable changes:

1. Tricobalt mines. We are sick and tired of being the victim of this, so we will now return the favour tenfold. Tricobalt mines with dispersal patterns will now be used more liberally.

2. Science ships. We have deemed after some disusscion that science ships and its science abilties is mostly redundant, easy to counter, easy to resist and the fact key science abilites can be used on other ships, that we will (mostly) not be using them any longer until Cryptic does some significant changes to science skills and its resistance. The Vesta was a welcome change, but most of us know its really an escort in science disguise, but a far weaker version.

3. Cruiser + Escorts = True love. Yes, tank and spank is the new deal. Stronger hull, can carry all the nessecary skills to survive, lots of dps, and not as paper thin and gimmicky as a science ship. But you say that science has the best shields. Yes shields are nice, but shields are easy to strip away by sheer dps alone, or even disables. Besides, a premade team knows that all what is needed is just to keep shields up and running that shield ammount really doesnt matter.

4. No, we will not use cheesy skills like AMS and that sorts. We are still above that and if we do use it, its likely a single "cheap" console, and not a whole loadout like many others use.

With this announcement we want to state an example to the developers on what and how we feel and think the game is going wrong and going good. Cya in space!
lol man sorry but you guys are just full of lol. i dont agree 100% of this post. ill edit later and put thought into what im going to say. but i would like to add, why dident you abuse trics sooner? dont tsi find the most broken stuff and abuse it to the max?

sencor scan? sub nuke? sorry but its not about all engys and escourts. i want that sci healer with vm. i want that sub nuke for your rsp. but to say sci no longer has a place is full of fail. i think you guys just use to run the most bs crap and when that crap took the nerf bat you guys were left in the dust gimped. your cruch has ben taken away and you cant adapt. but trics, ams and gp is bs. no skill in toys like that. but if its causing you not to have fun then take out sub nuke doffs. i think they would start to use skill when they figured out you got mad and took buffs away from them.

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