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Down in the PvP area, I made a thread, and Aquitaine985 posted in it, and had an excellent idea. I do like that idea a lot that he put, but from it I got a new idea, and I thank him for the inspiration.

So, my idea is this:

Reputation systems are meant to improve and further your captain, gaining new skills, passives, and powers without raising the level cap. That's all well and good, I don't mind that, but I think it could be taken a step further:

Enhancing your current captain powers to a higher ability. Aquitaine's idea was that a DOFF could enhance Security Team, to go from the 'living targets' they are now, to a powerful pair of ass-kicking MACO Officers, decked out and actually BE worthwhile to the team, than just soak up a little damage and die.

Having even that would be really really nice. But what if that was part of the Omega Rep system? What if at tier 4 or 5, you could purchase, or would automatically be given a large, and worth while boost to a captain power (it'd be different based on career choice of course), which would still be continuing your captain, as rep is meant to do, in a new way.

The names would also probably change, but I'm not very creative with that kind of thing, so somebody else could figure that out.

There would be things for both space and ground, and here's some thoughts I have on powers that could be changed...

1. Engineer - Ground - Reroute Power to Shields would become a team version of that, or if the captain is alone, a full and continuous shield heal, better than the ability is now.

2. Science - Space - Sensor Scan would be as it stands now, but do more, and even reduce the target's defense value as well. A similar thing could be done on ground with Tricorder Scan, but add in a larger Expose chance.

3. Tactical - Ground - Security Team, see above with Aquitaine's idea.

4. Engineer - Ground - Support Drone could become 'Exocomp Mk II Support Drones' or something, and would be a group of drones, each one being different to help provide a larger variety. One would be the normal drone (but better), another might have two expose attacks to use, perhaps one could remodulate weapons, and so on.

Those are just some basic ideas. It'd be pretty nice to get some upgrades on all the captain powers, I think it'd be useful, especially since they've really never ever changed over all these years.
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I must admit, respect points to Trendy for laying down the law like that.

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