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# 1 I'd like some advice please...
12-04-2012, 04:36 AM
Hi guys,

I'm fairly new to PvP, and have only taken part in a couple of matches. In those matches, I did a considerable amount of damage compared to the other players (approx 500k in a 15 kill match and around 750k in a 20 kill match), but I don't have any idea if that is good or not because I've only played against a very small group of people. I think it's good, but for all I know I'm really just a mediocre player who happens to have been playing against some really bad players. No idea, which is why I'm looking for some perspective.

So, part one of my post is asking, in an average 15 kill match, how much damage do you usually come out with?

Second, I'd also like someone who knows about PvP to look over my build and tell me if any improvements can be made. I'm not really looking for console advice - I like my current crazy console setup, more abilities and other gear.

I'm flying the Defiant-R (from way back when you still got free ships without Vet rewards upon hitting VA). My setup looks like this:

Fore: 3x Antiproton Mk12 DHCs (Pre-S7 Borg gear); 1x Mk12 Quantum Torpedo Launcher (Pre-S7 Borg gear)
Aft: 3x Antiproton Mk12 Turrets (again, Pre-S7 Borg gear)
Engine/Deflector/Shield: All Mk 11 Borg

Subspace Jumper,
Assimilated Console,
Impulse Capacitance Cell,
Isometric Charge,
Point Defense System,
Automated Defense Turret,
Graviton Pulse (Beam?),
Theta Radiation Field.

TT1&2, T:HY2, T:Sp3, C:RF3, C:SV2, AP1, AP:B1.
ST1, PH1

Note, the numbers on the skills may not be entrely correct, but I'm writing this at work, and trying to do it from memory.

Thanks for any input guys

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