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Originally Posted by duaths1 View Post
did they? good to know

there will always be people which have the bigger wallets and are able to "throw out of the window" more than you.. the basic of economy (or the big material continuum) is that is has to keep FLOWING.

so in buying their keys for my EC i'm also supporting Cryptic and the game as a whole.

no ,he was talking about how cheap is the wells uniform if you get it from exchange .Is not like someone has to spend ~40 euros to get the lobi crystals then sell it on exchange.If everyone would buy it from exchange there would be no uniform for sale on exchange.

Also dunno what kind of support you want because so much money one uniform is a bit too much.You can buy a AAA game with those money.....I mean an entire game or with some luck a real life uniform ffs.Not to mention that it costs more than a ship.
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The Lobi crystals don't come cheep. trust me I dumped nearly $100 in to keys alone just to open the temporal lock-boxes. I was after the lobe anyways so the lack of a wells or it's mirror counter part who's name I can't recall, is alright, I mean it would of been nice, but I've come to understand my luck is fubar. I personally know people who've opened a quarter of the boxes I have and gotten three wells, atop a large amount of lobi.

if your interested in what my boxes have gotten me. please visit this Link

out of everything there. a large amount of it went to my fleet. I picked up two wells class uniform packs (gave one to a fleet mate) a Crewman Daniels Jump suit (for an alt) and the two relativity weapons (which I regret).  1340247645
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