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# 1 MVAM vs Advanced Escort
12-02-2012, 08:34 PM
This subject has probably been discussed already, but what are the advantages the MVAM Escort has vs the Advanced Escort when it comes to Bridge Officers?

Putting the MVAM aspect aside, I can't see how trading off the science ensign for a tactical ensign confers an advantage since one can run more shield & hull heals while still having 2 TT1, APO, APA, CRF, CSV, THY & TS with the Advanced version.

Or do people simply buy the C-Store variant and transfer the console back to the ship with the extra sci officer?

Just curious and I am probably overlooking something obvious.
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# 2
12-02-2012, 08:46 PM
There are escourts for each type of Skill set. The Fleet Patrol Escourt is geared for Eng with more Eng officer and Eng consoles. Makes it pretty sturdy little ship. The Fleet MVAE is for SCI. I like to use the Tractor repulsors. You can use to do Fleet Blockade mission or No win. The Push hold skills you can have on the MVAE is pretty cool for thoes missions. You will see that the DEV team will design ship varients that speak to different skill sets. There is a Tac/SCI/ENG oriented Cruiser. And Tac/SCI/ENG oriented SCI ships. And the same for Escourts. They did this so each captin no matter what you are SCI/TAC/or ENG you can fly a SCI and Cruiser and Escourt and still be good. All captians no matter your type you can have one of each. So look at what your objectves are. SFT? Fleet mark Grinding? PVP and what your role is to be and I'll bet there is a ship varient that will work perfect for it.

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# 3
12-02-2012, 09:24 PM
Grav well for PvE and TSS III for PvP. Grav well in PvE makes it soooo easy.
Why? Its not that it boosts Your damage. It hold probes, tholian vessels, weavers etc all together so your CRF III and TS III hit, and then, their warp core explosions cascade and they kill eachother.

TSS III + Tac team in pvp make you very strong. That, coupled with shaving off 2/3 of your ship's mass makes your turn rate go insanely high. You're a friggin turret.

If theres any one ship that I would recommend that anyone getting for effectiveness and fun, its the MVAM.
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# 4
12-04-2012, 05:32 AM
The problem with the MVAE and FMVAE is that the extra ensign power and the lack of a second LC+ tac boff slot screws up the rotation. In a regular advanced escort, I can run two 15 second rotations of tac team 1, TS/THY 2 and CSV/CRF 2. With one tac ensign and one tac lieut, I'd have the same number of tac powers, but TS/THY and CSV/CRF would both need to get bumped down to level 1. It's the same thing the other way around for sci, since one LC has the same number of powers as one ensign and one lieut but with two rank 1 instead of rank 1, 2 and 3. MVAE and FMVAE have better survivability because of this, but running a regular advanced escort with the MVAM console gives better firepower.
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# 6
12-04-2012, 07:32 AM
I put the console back on my standard Advanced Escort, and that's what I flew for a long time. The Fleet version uses the Boff layout from the actual MVAE though, so I've been giving some thought to that. Something like what hyprodimus proposed, though I may forgo torpedoes entirely in favor of having the choice between cycling CRF or CSV depending on situation, or I may only use CRF and have more attack patterns. When flying a glass cannon, AoE attacks often have the effect of just aggroing everything around you. Beta Vector definitely qualifies as glass cannon. Having the Lt.Cdr science power would be a nice change of pace from the escorts I've been flying.

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