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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
this is why i have no interest in premades, pvp pecking orders, the elite pvp fleets, and pvp dynastyes. what the hell are you all talking about anyway? are any of you having fun any more?

i am, because i know that being good at pvp, or even the best at it is not a tangible accomplishment. the only thing you can get out of it is enjoyment. i will always do what i think is fun first, and what is effective second. luckily, what i find fun through accident or force of will becomes effective in its own way, and much fun is had.

i think everyone needs to just forget this thread ever happened, and decide for yourselves just what is fair play and what isn't and let your builds reflect that. we all know what sucks the fun out of pvp, and it will never be ok with me to use any of it.
I've said it in a few threads. Yeah, I get there are egos and reputation, etc, etc, etc - but it's STO PvP - it's casual. Pew Pew for Fun! It's kind of insane how folks get their panties so bunched up about it.

They're the kind of discussions that I would have expected to see back in UO, AO, SB, and EVE. They always made me laugh in games like WoW...and other casual PvP games.

I suppose it's a FPS mentality - where nothing really came of it, but it was about reputation and egos. I got old, though - left that all behind back in my HLDM days. Sure, in certain games with PvP where the outcome mattered - definitely took it serioulsy, but wanting to be known as the best guy with a crowbar on TM3 was so long ago - besides, I always had to give the edge to BigRedMachine.

...ruh roh, I'm going down memory lane - time to go take my medications and put my teeth in, eh?

But yeah, Pew Pew for Fun... I mean, seriously - would you walk up to somebody and tell them that you're big in PvP in STO - and - and - and - not expect them to laugh their ass off?

People take this too seriously... and seriously, nobody commented on my S7 Chimera BoomBoomBoat?

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