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So it self-explanatory in the title.
I want some feedback from you guys whether you think this is a good idea.
BTW Please don't turn this into an arguement about Klingons content because it would be in the Romulan Reputation system meaning its cross-faction (Maybe for the Karfi and other carriers for Klingons since BOPs are Vo'Quv specific) . I was thinking about these stats
Romulan Auleius (Actual Romulan Ship name btw) BOP

Cooldown: 2m 30s (I don't know how long )

Range: 15km

Fighter Gear: Dual Heavy Disruptor Cannons *2( Wonder if these can be equipped on shuttles)
Disruptor Turret *2
Plasma Torpedo
Canon Rapid Fire 1
Torpedo High Yield 1 (Nice heavy torps)
Cloak (Dont want to make OP)
Please don't be angry, i just want feedback (Remember it has a 2m 30s cooldown for the weapons
Can be launched by All carriers apart from Heavy Escort Carrier and Vesta Ship line
Can support 2 by any 1 hangar
I don't know what to add for the hull strength.

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