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# 1 Star Trek Online Ideas
12-04-2012, 02:25 PM
Star Trek Online Ideas
These are some ideas I have come up with that I or other people would like to see in future updates. I do not include some ideas that are already popular such as improved Klingon or the Romulan faction. If you have ideas you would like to add on or expand on these ideas please do. I know this is federation game play forum but this stuff can apply for both factions.

To merge all the sector-blocks into one giant map I know this is a old idea.

More star ships and to have another one of the make your own star ship contest like for the Enterprise-F for both the Federation and the Klingons.

When they finally improve crafting this might be a cool idea. That there will be 4 trees of crafting you can do but only one and the choices would be: Space Weapons, Space Consoles, Space Shields deflector and engine (sorry don?t know what that category would be), and the ground set. As you level up your crafting to different tiers though just crafting or maybe crafting related missions you get access to new weapon types or shields, etc. to a point where you can make hybrid modules or items that will come with extra bonuses. This I will think make crafting more fun with people needing friend or even fleets to help them get some cool stuff that you can?t get through regular play.

For future reputation system they should add the federation/KDf (depending on which faction you are on) were you can eventually gain cross faction stuff.

Duty and Bridge Officers
A way of leveling up your bridge officers so the more you use them on the ground they can gain some passive or active abilities.

To assign bridge officers to head of departments.

Missions where you can work with your duty officers such as when you have damage on your ship from the elite stfs or difficulties to go to more places on your ship interior to help fix the damage.

More allies because you never know what people will come up with such as fighting with Cardassians or Jem?Hader.

To create your own alien species to develop your own patrol groups and own weapons.

To see your map in a more 3-d sense rather than having to try it then go back to editor and going back again.

I think cryptic should have expansion packs, where they will open up like 4-5 new sector blocks with its own 10-15 mission story line also adding new daily or side missions. Increase the level cap, add new species, and maybe a new stf or two. They can separate a pack into regular, advanced, or elite depending on which one you buy you can get new bonuses. They should also add new stuff or abilities that you can only get in the expansion pack but you can use throughout the whole star trek world.

When they finally increase the level cap to fleet admiral and there are no more ranks they should add a commendation system. This system is where you can gain new bonuses through completing accolades (if they were going to this they should take out the bonuses already gotten from accolades). The more you level up you can gain new passive abilities. Such as if you use phasers a lot and get the top accolade you can get a increase in large increase in phaser damage or other energy types depending on what you use. You would also be able to use this on damage resistance. Also if you like to use a multiple of energy types you can get a bonus for having pairing two or more up vice versa with damage resistance. Also you can use this for ground or crafting where if you use this or these energy types a lot you can craft better weapons of that energy type or shields that resist better to that energy type. And if you pair some together they can make something like a set and give you better passive or even an active power making your captain unique.

They should also add more side mission, a lot more. Going to new worlds where there will be cities or communities that need your help and will give you xp and sometime cool stuff that you can earn. If they could get enough they could make leveling up long so it no longer takes a single storyline mission to level you up. This will also add new maps and community places where people can hang out.

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