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# 3441 custome build ships
12-04-2012, 08:07 AM
Just a though for the game, what if you were able to design your own ship from ship parts eg bird of prey wings on a Bortasqu body. then you can (using a sliding scale) customize the turn rate, size and crew etc. the sliding scale would work in that as the bigger you made the ship the turn rate scale would reduce, therefore scarifying one for the other. this can also be done for weapon slots and console slots giving an even spread on the build without people maxing on every thing.

you can also have the ship parts being collected via either missions and/or duty office assignments.

One of the reasons I have suggested this is that the next upgrade to my heavy bird of prey would be the Bortasqu, but I don't like the look of the ship nor do I like the bridge office stations choice, but if I could have it were it looks like a bigger version of the heavy bird of prey and more universal stations then I would go straight for it.

just a thought, let me know if it is even plausible.


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# 3442
12-04-2012, 05:25 PM
Short Term

Change the random mission map generator; Sometimes the Bridge Officers get stuck in terrain, as do enemies and sometimes even the Nodes.

Change the Romulan D'deridex's Heavy Plasma Torpedo attack. Reduced damage or less heavy torpedoes fired. At Commander level, the encounters are unforgiving.

Mid Term

KDF Costume options. The few pieces of Klingon gear don't compare to the variety the Federation have access to.

KDF ships, more hull/saucer/nacell options per ship.

Rework the Bajorian wormhole. The animation of the ships entering/exiting doesn't look anything like they did in the T.V series.

Long Term

More puzzle orientated missions (optional in case there are those with neither the skill or patience).

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# 3443
12-05-2012, 09:14 AM
Originally Posted by ragestroke008 View Post
Short Term

Long Term

More puzzle orientated missions (optional in case there are those with neither the skill or patience).


This continuing idea that improving the challenge of a mission means increasing the auto-kills the computer gets is... i want to say cheap but i think lazy is a better term. And also bad- as it is linear, and suffers from the same problems of having every new ship being just slightly better than the previous new ship. Eventually things get too far out of hand where the original ships become totally obsolete and ineffective- devaluing them completely.

In the case of difficulty it reaches a peak where victory becomes purely a factor of luck rather than skill. or outright impossible- leading to the necessity of stronger gear being made available- continuing the upward spiral and expanding it into the previously mentioned problem. And frankly that only works for no win scenario- as it is an endurance based mission. 'see how far you can get' with no expectation of actual completion. the concept itself is very niche however, and while it would be fun to see one or two more scenarios like this (Maybe a ground version?) One must be careful of overuse.

In short, challenge should be a function of strategy and skill in a team, not only a factor of dps and healing. That is why I enjoy the original stf's. You have to depend on your team to cooperate and split their attention between multiple goals. Where cooperation and teamwork are rewarded with an easier time completing the mission.

heck, onslaught could be just as long, and much more fun, with only two tac cubes at the beginning just by having something special happen- like giving them an expanded range of powers, or having one adapt to your ships weapons and abilities when the other is destroyed- forcing the team to survive while they try to get around the new defenses- maybe making the team destroy a set of smaller defenses around one of the borg structures that decorate the map and then upload a virus. And in the end still having it only partially return weapon functionality, but maybe return full function to other boff powers (like tykens and well, photonic shockwave, aceton beam, weapon mod, etc).
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# 3444
12-05-2012, 10:56 PM
Short-term requests

My biggest peeves are with relatively simple things in the exchange. If I could choose ONLY these three, they are the three I would choose

1. fix it so you can change an items price on it WITHOUT taking it down first

2. fix it so you can compare an item you have for sale to the exact same item by highest/lowest price first, with a simple right click on the item and click compare. Imagine how much time it would save people if they didn't have to type out the whole EXACT name of the thing they are looking for every single darn time you want to see what other people are selling it for

3. fix it so you can have both the fab/craft window AND the exchange window open at the same time, so you do a search for something and make the same thing if it looks like it'll sell well.

Mid-term requests

More exchange tweaks (yes, I don't think so highly of it, really)

1. Make duty officers searchable both by their traits, faction, and profession, not by having to search for each individually one-at-a-time the way it is now by profession, but by a screen with checkboxes for each profession, and each trait (don't forget a clear all/check all checkbox too) The same for weapons (and anything else with multiple attributes) and the attributes they can have, including rarity and price

2. More filters for things on the exchange: prices, and more than 400 items displayed at a time

Those things would make a world (more like a universe) of difference for the better on the exchange.

3. More Skills: I'd like it if my officers could have more than one of the same rank, or they themselves could equip kits, and more than one. There's just a lack of things I can use at a time

4. Exchange officer organization: sometimes after I fill my assignments I have duty officers which have no special traits or aren't suited to the missions I have- that I want to sell. But, I forget their names, and profession. But, this may not be necessary, isn't there a notepad in game somewhere?

Long term requests:

1. Space- the final frontier, but it really doesn't look that big does it, at least not in STO with what 15 Sector blocks of 3 sectors each? I want it to be much much bigger, imagine a map 5 or 10 times as many sector blocks, lots of missions and places to go. Add sector blocks to the gamma and delta quadrants and beta and even Alpha Quadrants

2. Solar systems to explore, rather than just a planet or in sector space

3. Basically just a lot more content.

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# 3445
12-06-2012, 03:13 AM
a possible med term request would be that each ship that you own would have its own bridge officers instead of having the same ones all the time, this would mean that you would use different ship for certain missions as they would have the officers that you want for the ground missions
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# 3446
12-06-2012, 09:22 AM
raise the level cap to say 60 and add the ranks of admiral and fleet admiral for fed and general and dahar master for KDF also make the master keys general drops and add a full set of Star trek 2 to 6 uniforms with full set of rank from ensign to fleet admiral
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# 3447
12-06-2012, 09:37 AM
I'd really just like to get a door. A cargo bay door. Even a hatch would do. I feel silly carrying around all sorts of space gear on away missions. ("Is that a quantum torpedo launcher in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?") If I had a cargo bay door I could leave some stuff behind in my space ship's spacious cargo bay.

And maybe a quick way to relieve a bridge officer.
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# 3448
12-06-2012, 03:37 PM
My answer will probably be KDF biased so I apologise in advance!

My short term would be more end-game gear, customisable options and whatever fluff you can throw at the game. Id like Klingons to lose the ability of using Tribbles and gain the ability to use the new bloodwine toasts in its place. Id also like a bloodwine fountain to be purchasable for ship interior mess halls (so we can get said buff), and of course sell-able bloodwine types...

'I like my bloodwine very young and very sweet'

Mid term would be more season episodes (been too long since the last!), and more missions in general. A potential new set of STF's would also be quite nice with a potential new enemy. Perhaps we can explore more into the undine attacks?

Also all new missions added should be told from 2 perspectives. There are always two sides to an argument and currently we only see 1, the feds. Tell the same story from a KDF perspective with KDF unique goals and reasons for and you will appease a LOT of the KDF community. Plus you also create a reason for Feds to roll over to KDF. Same content, different variety.

Long term would be to add a third and final faction with fully implemented 3-way pvp scenarios and contested battlegrounds (neutral sector for example). Fight for resources to enable purchase and participation in grander rewards/activities. Romulans would be a nice third faction to focus on (and its also very popular) with mechanics that focus on their style of combat. Skullduggery, espionage and downright back stabbery.

Re-done exploration missions including a lot of non-combat options. Federation diplomatic missions, KDF raid missions and so on.

Level cap raised.
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# 3449
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Originally Posted by cruzist View Post
I'd really just like to get a door. A cargo bay door. Even a hatch would do. I feel silly carrying around all sorts of space gear on away missions. ("Is that a quantum torpedo launcher in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?") If I had a cargo bay door I could leave some stuff behind in my space ship's spacious cargo bay.

And maybe a quick way to relieve a bridge officer.
Not sure why you'd care. I would like a cargo bay for STORAGE, but I don't care about carrying it around, and I don't think really anyone else cares about your photon torpedo launcher in your pocket (It's not like they can see your inventory) where's the embarrassment exactly?
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# 3450 To the Devs
12-07-2012, 12:45 PM
First off if the devs are reading this thanks for finally making stfs a challenge but it is at par, if u increase the npc damage any higher no matter what ship is out there it will pop in a single hit.

To list My first suggestion (short term improvement i would like to see in the game)

fix the graphic gliches in stfs, aka 'the invisible heavy torpedo spread' and the invisible plasma beams on the gates, the weapons are fine but it has to be visible, at least. how can it be dealt with if 95% of the time u cant even see it period.

Mid term improvement is actually a few ship request/suggestion:

1. a cruiser for the fed side only, with the following stats:
a- can not load cannons
b- 3 tac consoles, 3 eng consoles, 3 sci consoles
c- 1 Commander slot (universal), 3 Lt.Commander slots (Universal), 1 Lt. slot (universal)
d- 4 weapon slot fore and 4 weapon slots aft
e- a ship-bound device with mode switching with 3 modes, +15 weapon power, +15 shield power, +10 Aux power +5 engine power.
f- 45000 hull strength
g- 1.2 shield modifier
h- base turn rate 8

make it a zen store item, this ship would easily be worth while to get for anyone on the fed side that likes cruisers but is sick and tired of the fact that there are so few good option (either the oddy, lock box ships or fleet ships)

2. a heavy carrier fed side only, with the following stats
a- can load cannons
b- 2 tac consoles, 4 eng consoles, 4 sci consoles
c- 4 weapon slot fore and 4 weapon slots aft
d- 2 hanger bays
e- 1 Commander Eng slot, 1 Lt.Commander Eng slot, 1 Lt.Commander Sci slot, 1 Lt. Tac slot, 1 Ensign slot (universal)
f- 1 ship-bound console Quantum Lance Weapon.that runs from Aux and particle generators and does 1000 base kinetic damage, and has a 4 minute non sharing cooldown.
g-base turn rate 4
h- hull strength 42500
i- shield modifier 1.2
j- +5 to all sub systems

this could again be a zen store lvl 50 item, finally adding a third fed side carrier to the game. and an engineering support vessel to boot.

3. a Heavy Raptor KDF only, with the following stats
a- can load cannons
b- 4 tac consoles, 2 eng consoles, 4 sci consoles
c- 1 Commander Tac slot, 1 Lt.Commander Tac slot, 1 Lt. command sci slot, 2 Lt. slots (universal)
d- base hull 30000
e- shield modifier 1
f- 4 for weapons, 3 aft weapons
g- +15 to weapons
h-base turn rate 14
i- can cloak

This can also be a zen store item as there are no lvl 50 raptors on the KDF which is the side that orignally developed the concept.

Long term improvement would be a proper story campaign addition to the game regarding an Iconian invasion into Tau Dewa and Iota Pavonis sectors.

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