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This is something that I noticed two days ago, whilst planning for my tier 3 Omega Passive for an increase in regeneration to ground shields.

Anyway I'll do my best to explain as I'm currently out of game.

when I'm on say any ground social map ESD, DS9, Drozana any where. I open the Reputation window through pressing my *U* Key.

On viewing the tier 3 or 4 on the ground both show relatively small numbers.
eg: Tier 3 Ground Shield Regeneration ( +1.5 Regeneration ever 1 second )
eg: Tier 4 Ship Shield Regeneration ( +50.5 Regeneration every 6 seconds )

but however...
On Viewing them in system space. (generally where you should see your ships stats as they are)
eg: Tier 3 Ground Shield Regeneration ( +104.5 Regeneration every 1 second )
eg: Tier 4 Ship Shield Regeneration ( +1300.5 regeneration every 6 seconds )

now I know that viewing them in space probably increases their stats.
but again however...

which of these do I take into consideration?
a player will surely make the mistake of taking the ground shield passive if they see +104.5 regen every 1 second? surely wouldn't you? and surely they'll be dissapointed when they realise.
(I have the tier 3 passive and its the latter of about +1.5 regen a sec.)

any information regarding this issue and which of these statistics are the true value.
is the tier 4 ship shield regeneration in system space showing correct or its value shown while on the ground?

*Edit* - *Is the tier 4 passive for shield regeneration, while viewing it in system space is the passive showing the players complete regeneration statistic? for example.

eg the 50.5 viewed on the ground then viewed through modifiers then added to the players current regeneration?

my stats for example "from memory so may not be accurate"
- my ships regeneration statistic viewed in system space - = - ( 975 every 6 seconds )
- the passive regeneration number viewed on the ground - = - ( 50.5 every 6 seconds )
- the passive regeneration number viewed from system space - = - (1,368 every 6 seconds )

so does... 975 + (50.5 + shield mods) = 1,368?


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