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12-05-2012, 07:03 AM
wait wait wait where is this year and a half to two years for smaller fleet to reach tier 5 coming from??

It was stated pre season 6 launch that the AVERAGE fleet size was around 20 members, again average not the large "who cares about you, you're just a number to brag about" mega fleets. We were assured that while it would take longer for smaller fleets to progress that the system was being designed for the average sized fleet, and really that is the real issue here. There was a huge amount of concern about this during the tribble testing phase as well.

Mega Fleets can pretty easily keep a constant grind going on the fleet projects, embassy projects and now their own personal rep projects and still hit tier 5 starbase WAY WAY faster than anyone else. Now with the added grind of personal systems people aren't contributing to fleet projects as much, to a mega fleet this doesn't matter, but to a Average or smaller fleet this can be disastrous.

I would be happy as hell to have 20 solid, active, friendly fleetmates who actually give a crap about being social rather than be in a mega fleet where it's nothing about being social it's all about the grind and the bragging rights.

I would give a flying $#*^ if my fleet ever hit tier 5 for the base or anything with the embassy, EXCEPT That's where all the newest updated and upgraded gear and stuff is.

Fleets 50 and under should get a groundbase fleets 51 and over should get the starbase. Scale those based on the different size ranges for the projects and problem solved. if a fleet under 50 reaches max then they get transfered to a starbase will their current progress level but then the high project costs and visa versa.

Why should we average/smaller fleets either have to disband or spend all our ingame time trying to recruit new members who never end up staying because they want the higher tier gear faster.

this isn't about punishing average/smaller fleets or about punishing larger fleets it just about scaling for the gear really.

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