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12-05-2012, 07:36 AM
To me, the two "panic points" for dilithium will be 100 per zen and 60 per zen. At 100, it takes a full $20 to get one cosmetic project for the starbase done, and at 60, the amount of dilithium required to buy a tier 5 ship (120,000) = $20, the cost of most tier 5.1's on the C-Store. I have a funny feeling (hope maybe) that Cryptic won't allow their C-store stuff to be "cheaper" than the "free" stuff available in game...

I know this, I've sworn off of base projects and most other dilithium buys now that it's dropped below 200 (enough so that $10 = one cosmetic project), and don't plan on doing anything with the market until I either start rolling in dilithium (which, with all the sinks, I don't forsee myself doing) or it climbs back up my personal minimum of 200. My base has also stalled until such time as I get most of what I want from the reputation system - which might not be well until after next year as I am "casual" and it takes most of my playtime to maintain one toon in the reputation system and I have 6 that need to travel through the system...

Well, maybe the year after that, since I have to keep up with seasons 8 and 9 in that timeframe... Ahh, the curse of joining during F2P, I don't have the massive stockpiles that these sinks were designed to suck down, and earning as I go is quite expensive...
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Still at it. CBS "restrictions" fell by wayside with freebie Breen. Time to re-examine ENT and ToS at tier 5, repurpose the Connie into Sci and rebuild an Akira escort into the "NX". 6 "eras", spread evenly over all the classes...

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