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I just thought of the EMH Doctor's holo recording device.
They build a whole episode around that thing I believe (or at least a b-story).

Would it be possible to get something like that in game?

The functionality I imagine for this would be to take any asset, item or NPC, in game (up to a certain max size) and take a holo snapshot that you could then project anywhere in any social zone. Think Tasha Yar remembrance holo.
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12-05-2012, 10:26 AM
A mission that requires you to take photos without showing you actually looking through the camera is very possible. The actual process of taking the photo is possible if they use the scope view that was added with the first person shooter mode. Actually displaying your photos for other people to see would require more work and is probably not worth their time to make. Also there is some griefing potential with displaying holo photos.

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