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Like a surprising number of players, I am in the habit of finding and buying up, on the cheap, old retail activation codes. So of course I got the US Collector's Edition, which came with that cool novelty comm badge. I'd never wear it for myself, but it's cool. Put it in my trinket box.

More recently, desiring to build my collection of "Activated Features", I purchased a EU promotional version. Exclusive to a particular EU promotion is a lapel pin instead of a comm badge. I am not actually sure what exactly was the promotion for the inclusion of a pin in only some EU distributions.

The lapel pin is also a pretty cool trinket. The US-version comm badge is sometimes erroneously referred to as a "lapel pin", but it is in fact a badge to be worn on the breast, not the lapel. The EU promotional version item is a bona fide lapel pin. Since wearing both a badge and a lapel pin is silly, maybe I will mount the badge on a hairband and pass it of to my girl to style it as an IDIC.

And finally I purchased the UK Gold Edition. It does not include a pin of any sort. It does, however, include a rather neat T-shirt.

I found it rather interesting that all three distributions had different clothing items (pictured in order of mention). I like collecting things, and probably wouldn't have cared if they were all packaged together or if only one was available.

Oh, the dirty truth part. Uhh. Well, the dirty truths are, I did this in part to make my list of "Activated Features" longer (currently at nine items) and in part to make my girl put the shirt on after her shower. Nerd fetishist, kill me please. I can't help but feel bad for being driven by such eccentric motivations. Or being curious how many "Activated Features" others have, or whether others will admit to being similarly motivated to lengthen the list out of sheer OCD.

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Since you asked

Activated Features
Star Trek Online - Digital Deluxe
Star Trek Online - In game items
Star Trek Online Del Taco Promotion B
Star Trek Online - Preorder
Star Trek Online - Retail Collectors Edition
Star Trek Online Lifetime Subscription
Star Trek Online - Preorder
Wrath of Khan Admiral's Uniform
Star Trek Online Public Test Shard
Star Trek Online - Preorder
Star Trek online
- Fileplanet Closed Beta access

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I also have a sealed US Collector's Edition and a sealed UK Collector's Edition (not especially for posterity, I have lots of sealed copies of games I like )
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