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12-05-2012, 11:49 AM
Originally Posted by phantomeight View Post
Unmelting snowballs have been around since last years winter event... I still have 30 in my bank. Do you see yourself getting griefed constantly now? Nope! Plus it just makes you have a bit of frost float off of you and gives you the ability to throw one back if you click the temporary button that shows up in your power tray. It's a fun item, it does not slow you down or hold you or anything. You just get hit with a snowball, unless you are an over-dramatic Drozana Station RPer... then you wont care.

I love how people constantly complain in these forums without having the slightest clue about anything.
First off, I wasn't complaining, I was simply expressing a concern. And second, as I said this is my first winter event on the game, so I've been here less than a year and didn't know that the unmelting snowballs were a holdover from last year.

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