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12-05-2012, 11:08 AM
The anti-borg weapons have [CritD] [Borg] plus either [CritD], [CrtH], [Dmg], or [KB3]. The [Borg] on these weapons deal 10% additional Dmg vs Borg as Kinetic (the old weapons give a flat +15 kinetic which is far superior). Pretty much they are junk. I only have Mk XII pistols (was going to get the others but will probably not) and each pistol costs 9470 Dilithium. All four pistol types are in the store. I have heard there is no pulsewave.

Romulan weapons were a disappointment. The Mk XII Rifle unlock (notice it says Rifle instead of Rifles) only offers a Romulan Plasma High Density Beam Rifle. Likewise Mk XII Assault unlocks only a Romulan Plasma Assault Minigun. There are 7 mod versions of either weapon (of which 6 are junk). They also cost a whopping 14205 Dilithium each. However, both have a [CritX]x2 (+4% crit, +20% crit sev) version in the store, which is pretty nice, and they use Romulan weapon skins. Also, these weapons have both the plasma proc and the disruptor proc.

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