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12-05-2012, 02:24 PM
Originally Posted by mewi View Post
Welll lets see, 2 points under the turn rate of most escorts, increased shields, increasd hull, all the tact slots you'd want, all the engineering slots you'd want, all the sci slots you'd want... 4 aft weapons, 3 device slots, high crew, command tactical, lt tactical, ensign universal :S and $10s says Breen Energy Dissipater* Universal Console is going to break the game by itself.

+5 to engines +10 to weapon power yupyup.
It's a cruiser that gives up part of it's tankness for firepower... it means it will die quicker, before it has a chance to use that firepower Isn't that how it works?

And a console that can only be equipped on this ship (or other Breen ships), has a mins-long cooldown we can assume, causes general power drain with chance to take one offline, is Targetable (meaning you can shoot it down), and will probably have a global cooldown with the Breen set's 3-piece ability, and other power drain abilities...

yeah, that's game-breaking imo
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