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Originally Posted by rendia View Post
So what you are basically saying is that space combat is more about everyone doing their own thing while sticking to mission parameters, helping each other as needed?
Yes. Everyone will get shot at, everyone will be expected to contribute with the blowing up enemy ships, everyone will be expected to run a blockade on a stream of probes, everyone will be expected to heal themselves first, and maybe throw some heals on other people if cooldowns allow.

What changes between classes/ships is how you handle the situation. A cruiser will stand it's ground and take a pounding while dishing average, but constant damage, a science ship will drain, debuff and immobilize everything while crushing them with kinetic damage and supporting itself and it's allies with hazard emitters and transfer shield strength, an escort will shred everything up with cannons and try to get the **** away before they can retaliate.

Of course, your mileage may vary, it is possible to build a tanky escort, or a damagy cruiser, the above is just a rule of thumb.

Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
Ground Combat and missions are a different story, since the class differences are much more well-defined and the MMO trinity is largely in effect.
Not really true, the above is also true for ground combat.

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