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# 1 KDF armour/kit aesthetics...
12-02-2012, 08:59 AM
Hey guys,

This one has cropped up a few times in the past and it still isn't in the game.

Im curious mainly on what is the general thought about this stuff from Cryptics point of view.

Where are we at with getting armour and kit aesthetics for the KDF faction. They have been missing since game launch and I understand they are not necessarily a priority project but its something that should still be completed.

Are they on a 'to do' list somewhere? Is there a very rough estimated time to when we can expect to see something of them? Or are they simply discarded as a pointless endeavour?

I understand at one point there were talks over using armour aesthetics as more of a costume piece than being tacked to a specific piece of equipment which is something I like. That however was mentioned before the game even went F2P and we havn't heard anything on that since.

Just out curiousity but what is going on with this stuff?
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# 2
12-03-2012, 08:36 AM
Don't know and I doubt Cryptic care much about it. As it stands the only armours that alter your appearance for KDF are the ones you get from STF's (honour guard, omega etc) along with Environmental Suits, As a list of priorities for KDF in my opinion? This is very low as there's a lot more needing done for KDF (hint, complete the faction?) before they tackle this.
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# 3
12-04-2012, 02:01 PM
Besides, the KDF uniform parts are nearly all armor. The fed side armor overlay makes them look like Micronauts or power rangers or wet suits or something. Combine that with how kit effects clip and colors are not customize able, is this what you really want for KDF? I'll pass, thanks.
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# 4
12-05-2012, 11:33 AM
I would assume costuming falls to a specific part of the team. That said, any time/resource put towards KDF would be better spent in increasing our base uniform/costuming options and, hopefully, unlocking access to options they themselves cheat and use on NPCs (including stealing Fed off-duty mercenary belt and leg elements for their Orion model of the new midriff-length winter event Winter Coat!)

I agree that eventually giving us Klingon-looking armor displays and kit-displays will be nice.

But first, I want them to at least grant us access to the same gear they keep cheating and using on their NPCs.

Add Fed off-duty robes and sets to our uniforms (As appear on most NPCs)

Remove species-boundaries on most of the shoulder pads and gear accessories (as appears on most NPCs)

Unlock the greatcoat

Add the swords, daggers, and unused Bat'leth models we see on walls to our weapon selections

THEN focus on creating brand-new designs for armor and kit visuals.

It seriously shouldn't take this long to unlock things that clearly are already designed to work for us. I would rather have clipping issues on some gear combos until the QC team can fix them or remove those combos than wait much longer for access to the fantastic things the Devs do with their NPCs, likely without ever knowing they are breaking the unnecessary rules we need to follow.
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# 5
12-06-2012, 07:03 AM
Not that Cryptic or PWE really gives a **** what the KDF wants, but that pimp coat and Dahar Master accolade title should come with an Alpha War Targ.
We have been promised one for a lone time, while Targ Handlers in game (as well as the pins on Qo'Nos) actuall have them.
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# 6
12-06-2012, 07:15 AM
Originally Posted by cletusdeadman View Post
Not that Cryptic or PWE really gives a **** what the KDF wants, but that pimp coat and Dahar Master accolade title should come with an Alpha War Targ.
We have been promised one for a lone time, while Targ Handlers in game (as well as the pins on Qo'Nos) actuall have them.
I second this!!!!
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# 7
12-06-2012, 07:41 AM
they could likely get the kits cranked out.. SCi kits just change the blue glowy to a red glowey..

Any of you notice that (even though they're hidiously expensive but the) Ferengi outfits at the Lobi store are Fed wear only... Ya know, ORION MALES might enjoy wearing those jackets... but NOOOOOOOOO! (in my best Jake Blues voice) for that matter, any KDF member would lovce to have that jacket..

"Oh, nice jacket. Where did you aquire it? Oh, this old rag.. it is comfortable.. I took it from Ferengi that defaulted on a contract. It didn't work out for him. Amazing fabric. The blood didn't even stain it! *sound of Klingon Laughter*..."
(see, easily rp'd even)

Sheesh Cryptic.. good job ya know... and I noted the complaint of LOBI crystals are bound bound to the toon not the account.... I'm not sure if this is an attempt at subtlety, malicious forsight, or someone just never quite though of it.. Really DEV people..its not like your not allready gouging your players for cash.

((I've decided to change my mind.. I'm going to rag on cryptic in these forums untill they get thier **** together on the KDF faction. If they do the work they will make even more money..but the sad excuse that thier "numerics" don't support doing the work, when the studio's own screw up caused the lack of numerics in the first place make it an excuse, not a reason.. and not a very good one at that. When KDF numbers dropped going in year 2 and the addition of FvF PvP it should have been a big hint that they just P.O.'d a bunch of customers..

The Studio does not have my trust in any way shape or form any more... but if they get on the ball with the KDF content they might just barely get a nodding bit of respect for showing that somewhere in those used car salesmen brain pans of the studio's exec there just might possibly be a hint of BRAIN.

There, now I feel better.))

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# 8
12-06-2012, 08:11 AM
You know, I don't think I am going to rag on them anymore than normal. Stahl maybe right, they are just doing what they are told. Safer that way for them- I understand.

One thing I think I am going to try is getting Cryptic to pay me to play Starfleet Online. With a little self control, I could stop purchasing non-Klingon items from the C-store with Zen I put into the game from my wallet- COMPLETELY! All of these blogs and stuff on dillithium got to me thinking why not let them pay me. I have a stipend for my LTS. I can farm Dillithium with the best of them. And I can use the Zen-Dil Exchange thanks to that blog as well.

It maybe time they gave a little back to me for lack of KDF content...

I encourage others to try the same.
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# 9
12-06-2012, 10:26 AM
I actually very rarely play STO and I only ever pop in every so often just to see how its shaping up. I typically spend 1-2 weeks after a season update and then leave again.

I do however each time always go straight for my KDF toon who I created in the headstart program and see what has(nt) been added.

While I do also have a Fed toon it just isn't as fun and thats not because the gameplay is any different on KDF side. I just prefer being a Klingon than I do a Federation petaQ

So now they say season 8 will be involving the KDF in some way, shape or form. You know damn well it won't. They may add a mission or two, probably the tutorial (what good is that to my lieutenant general?) and then focus the rest on the Feds. Understandably too, they created KDF as a unique PVP faction and since STO's birth all the federation players have done is whine and winge that the KDF have unique traits. Feds finally got their wish and unfortunately Cryptic set the precedence that they now have to do everything the crybabies want.

Without going too much off-topic and turning into a huge rant however I do like the new bloodwin buff system tat was introduced with one of the starbase upgrades. They really need to remove Tribbles as a buff source for Klingons and implement more Bloodwine types. (Make it so!)

Also it would be nice if we got the Targ breeding project that was suggested by the very dev team about a year or two ago.

In regards of the missions they simply need to be told from a KDF point of view. Currently the KDF are far too diplomatic. Sure they have reason to be nice and help people perhaps but they act far too different to what the Klingons are in ALL of the Trek films/series. Not sure where they are drawing their inspiration from for KDF missions but its so so so wrong its sad.
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# 10 Honor Guard Armour
12-17-2012, 04:24 AM
I dont know if it's normal but none of my KDF caracters display any armour at all,even the Honor Guard one i got from the STF Tier projects ,is this normal? i see people going aroung in full Armour but in my caracters nothing happens.Iv'e tried everything.

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