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12-06-2012, 04:32 PM
Originally Posted by mirai222 View Post
Last year, I only failed it the first time I ran it because I tried sprinting the whole way. I slid off the track. If you sprint on the straight sections and jog around the curves, you shouldn't have a problem winning.

I have ten characters, but I don't expect to do it 25 times with more than three. I'm not even sure I have a use for the ship yet... A science-oriented escort doesn't really fit any of my characters well.
Yeah i got the hang of it - but still I can't see doing it 150 times for 6 toons. Its just a ship collection thing.

No ship is really needed - heck to show how bad I am I got 6 more C-store ships during the sale and have only put 3 into the field! Of course 3 were just for the consoles, but still. I bought the MVAM and have not used it yet. 16 C-store ships. I still plan to get Fleet Excel - have fleet Defiant, Fleet Nebula - would love a Fleet B'rel but will never be able to get that at Tier 5 - should be at tier 3 - there will be few KDF fleets that make it to tier 5.

Still would like to have the Breen ship just in case. The real point was what I got on about in my last thread - that reducing this to 20 times would be the best thing cryptic could do to add to this great promo - more good will at this time of year is better than less.

Even at 20 I still would not do it on more that 3 toons - maybe 4 tops but I can see getting sick of it real fast.

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