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1. Any chance of revisiting the rewards for the diplomatic missions (non-DOFF)? These missions had viable rewards before the DOFF system was introduced, but since then, the rank thresholds increased, but not the rewards for those missions.

2. Are there any plans for a Zen Store Tac ship with 3 variants now that the Odyssey and Vesta classes exist? (those two are awesome ships, btw!)

3. A while back, there was talk about having a working shuttlebay in the ship interiors for shuttle selection and maybe even a place to view all of the players shuttles. Status?

4. Any chance of getting a special bridge layout for the Vesta? I ask this because the Odyssey and timeships have their own layouts.
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12-06-2012, 04:29 PM
Previously, someone mentioned that you were working on a tutorial for KDF and making the Klingons a full level 1-50 faction. Could we expect this with Season 8?

Also, I am a bit unsatisfied with the lack of special weaponry available through the Reputation system (for example, I can't get a mark twelve Romulan Plasma Full Auto Rifle or an Antiproton AntiBorg Pulsewave). Seeing as this is a step back from the old STF-Prototype Salvage system, can we expect more weapon types to become available?
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1. In order to bring more players to the KDF side what about adding a new ship and/or maybe new "slots" that can be purchased in the C-Store or through an upcoming lock box?
A ship like a true warrior vessel that has 4 Fore and 4 Aft weapon slots, but with one of each (Fore/Aft) slot being dedicated to port/starboard flanks. This will allow a Klingon to equip Cannons-only in those special slots and thereby make this ship a TRUE Warrior-like vessel!
On the other hand if you don't want to design one specific ship, what about allowing the KDF side (to start then allow Feds later) to buy a specific extra slot that can be placed (on purchase) into any area of their ship.
2. I read this earlier and had to repeat it: "Provisioning projects require a rather hefty chunk of dilithium for a rather small number of provisions (especially at lower tiers) and the fact that these items have a dilithium cost attached to them when purchased in the cases of equipment makes this an incredible burden for small fleets...to the point where running provisioning projects isn't really worth the hassle. Would you, or have you, considered adding in dilithium free provisioning projects with increased run timers (40 hours instead of 20), lowered payouts (half the provisioning), increases in the other inputs, or some combination of the three?"
3. When will it be available for us to place our Fleet Emblem on our Fleet Starbase exterior or even the floor of the Ops area?
4. I read earlier someone else had a really good question about: When will we be able to take older items and Craft upgrades for them? Like turning our Phased Tetryon Beam Array Mk X into Mk XII's? Or adding [Crit] or [Reg] to items?
5. What about adding options to our customizations of our ships or uniforms like adding glowing strips in the Patterns available now? Something like having the Orion Pattern be glowing, making it look a little like Tron or even the Delorean from Back to the Future. Same with our standard uniforms. Allow us to add a GLOW color to the striping on our uniforms.
6. The Founders sent out 100 babies into the galaxy to explore and come back. Only Odo and Laas were ever recovered. What about the eventuality of adding an expensive new Playable Character or Bridge Officer that is a Changeling? In honor of Constable Odo I would suggest that if it is a Bridge Officer it is a Tactical Officer.
7. I also read and agree with a previous post that mentioned you should work on making an entire upcoming Season be all about fixing, updating, expanding/simplifying current issues, problems, questions, and concerns that have been slowly piling up on you.
8. What are your thoughts on upgrading Boarding Parties that survive and return to being able to TAKE from the ship they boarded? For instance: My Boarding Party goes aboard a Borg ship and manages to damage them and return, with Borg Neural Processors or a Borg Device or maybe even some Omega Marks...thoughts on this?

That's all I have for now. I would be happy to expand any of these ideas if you need. just contact me in-game.
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12-06-2012, 04:38 PM
Will there be any new foundry updates like the Galorndon Core, Nimbus system? And are there any other upcoming updates? If so what days? And, will there be certain new foundry props or items for example added to the foundry?
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12-06-2012, 04:41 PM
On Dec. 6th 2010, you had these long-term goals for the Foundry:

Longer Term Foundry Goals
The following features are also being tracked for future updates, but will take some time before they will be completed.

Improved ways for authors to collaborate on projects
Author rating based on overall ratings of missions they’ve created
Web access to searching Foundry-generated missions

Map Editor Future Goals

Create fully customized interior layouts from room and hallway pieces
Place lights directly on a map
Use a random name generator for contacts and actors
Placing anomaly? crafting nodes into maps
Custom behaviors for encounters (custom AI)
Placement of auto-generated civilian populations
The ability to create custom planetary surface (exterior) maps
3-D visualization while editing to improve placement of details
Make a random map? option to speed up map creation

Mission Editor Future Goals

Give the player quest items used by the mission
The ability to create content that takes place on the player's own bridge? interior
Custom cut scenes as part of the mission

Other Uses of Foundry Content

Using Foundry to create custom starship bridge and ship interiors
Using Foundry to create custom starbase interiors
Using Foundry to create PvP maps
Using Foundry to create Fleet Action maps

As you can see - there are a lot of great features coming for the Foundry. We are already seeing great missions with the features we have now and the power of the tools will grow over time while (hopefully) still retaining the simple learning curve.

What is going on with your list of long-term goals for the Foundry set in 2010? Are these goals still goals? Can you please tell us if any of these goals are being worked on by someone on the STO team?

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12-06-2012, 04:57 PM
1. Do you plan to ever give Fleet Starbases something that actually fits the idea of what is essentially a military base thats actually worth the input required? (disco floors and a small fish tank arent what I'd call worthwhile investments)

2. Some people have been complaining that Antiproton's proc is pointless and the fact I use all AP weapons means I'm getting the sore end of the whinge stick. Do you ever intend to re-evaluate the procs and bring AP more into line with the others?

3. Whats on the table for the next major functionality upgrade for the Foundry? When I say major I mean things like a better map editor or branching/career-specific objectives.

4. The way combat groups are scaled in the game makes it so that using the unique abilities of a certain ship in all group sizes is next to impossible. Would it ever be possible to change group scaling so that the mobs you fight stay the same, but there stats are increased to reflect the more firepower and co-ordination that comes with a group? Something like this would mean you could finally implement Dreadnought NPC groups in the Foundry (limit how many can be on any map at any one time if balance is an issue). Also while we're on Foundry combat groups, the co-ords for positioning the NPCs are broken, they shoot off in random directions when I just want them to go down a bit.

5. You've already brought in Quad Phasers and Disruptors, any plans to add versions for other energy types somehow?
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12-06-2012, 05:00 PM
When will we be getting expansive, fully functional ship interiors?

Several people, including myself, have pitched many suggestions and ideas as to how we could bring this integral part of the Star Trek franchise to this game. What are the overall impressions of these ideas, as well as your own personal opinions about them?

And for Gods sake my good man, when are we getting Hats!?!??!
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12-06-2012, 05:01 PM
When is the Red Alert bug going to be fixed, the one where 9 times out of 10 I warp into an empty instance and get immediately booted?
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12-06-2012, 05:07 PM
Q) What is going on with the KDF? I just want to clarify as I November you were talking about all the awesome stuff planed for 2013 for the KDF. Then two weeks later you were saying that you were still fighting for us to get stuff but hadn't been given the go ahead.

So you can pardon us for being confused as to the message you're sending.
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# 100 Enterprise-J
12-06-2012, 05:18 PM
Are there any indications that the Enterprise-J come on Star Trek Online, thet ship is a long expected but newer realist so when thet is going to happen?!
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