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12-06-2012, 05:10 PM
The event has been live for less than a day, and you are already complaining that "I can't get my stuffs fast enough !!!"

WTH is wrong with people.

Less than a day.
And we're already whining on the forums about how this event is not rewarding the collectibles fast enough ?

You can't be serious.

Or maybe you are, and you will really use ANYTHING to complain about.

You know what they have made these regularly appearing snowman battles.
A really rather simple race once you know the tricks.

They are giving away a FREE ship, and the items are all quite affordable at the way they have set up the event. They couldn't have made it easier unless they deposited the collectibles into your account.

But I imagine, nothing they ever do, including giving you an easy easy chance at free stuff would ever be good enough, because you have simply decided that Cryptic is full of evil people out to ruin your fun.

Go play a different game.
You obviously have no fun here anymore.
Even when they give us fun and free stuff to do.

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