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12-06-2012, 05:14 AM
The search is over... Finally got the Istapp...

My experience is that it does NOT show up on entering the Kelvani belt, you have to look around. The other ones did though..

What I did: Took the deferi mission.
Warped in.... looked around.... warped out... until I found it.
For me it was about 12 o'clock from my position and outside the mission circle, about half a click.

I can tell you that it IS rare compared to the other ones, I must have done the other ones at least 10 times each.
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12-06-2012, 08:47 AM
I got this guy first (by accident) in the accolade, before I even knew there WAS an accolade for it.
It was the ship in the Deferi patrol mission that was so hard to find- the wiki article showed the wrong patrol route (unless the route was changed after article post). It was located dead astern at warp in, about 20 km.
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12-06-2012, 05:38 PM
Wow... talk about major necro posting...
It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once.
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12-07-2012, 02:05 PM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Wow... talk about major necro posting...
WOW... talk about nothing else to do..... it's very sad, I feel sorry for you... really I do...

I did not want to make a new topic because it's still an "issue".

And to see how long it took for you to post. It's seems like you just cut'n paste.. But there is not much that get's me laughing but......

To quote Metallica... "Sad but true"

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