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12-07-2012, 12:57 AM
Build changed slightly as I get more comfortable with a cannon boat.

So far, I've:

Kept the DBB. I like it.

Replaced the Impulse Engines with the Jem'Hadar engine quest reward. Gives additional weapons power while the Efficient Impulse didn't. Also gave me a big increase in turn rate. Woo. Thing's a fighter now.

Replaced Beam Overload I with Tactical Team I on Lt.Cmdr Tactical

Replaced Cannon Rapid Fire II on Lt.Cmdr Tactical with Beam Overload III

Replaced Tactical Team II with Canon Rapid Fire I on Lt. Tactical

Replaced Engineering Team I with Emergency Power to Weapons on Ens. Engineer

Replaced Science Team with Hazard Emitters I on Lt. Universal (Science)

I like this new setup because it:

1) Gives me just as much survivability as I had before (With Hazard Emitters replacing Tac Team I as a hull heal)

2) Gives me more alpha with Beam Overload III

3) Still gives me 2 Cannon Rapid Fires with minimal downtime between them

4) Gives me a significant buff on demand to weapons power.

So along with my Red Matter Cap, EPS Transfer and the occasional weapons battery, I don't have issues with low power levels after using Beam Overload III.

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