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# 9 U.S.S Voyager Interior Pack
12-07-2012, 04:18 AM
Originally Posted by Archived Post View Post
I loved Star Trek Voyager so much and when I saw I could get a the brdge pack for it on STO, I jumped right on with it, despite the fact it cost me real money to obtain it via C-store. There is nothing on that bridge that is of the intrepid class (Voyager). I see the TOS and TNG bridges are fairly accurate and I want to know where my Intrepid bridge is! If Cryptic has no plans on fixing or addressing the issue, I want my money back for the bridge or some sort of compensation as this is NOT what I paid for. You mislead me into purchasing this item by passing it as something it is not.

How it should look:
I've read the upcoming updates in STO for 2013, and they say they are gonna add the real U.S.S Voyager interior pack like they did with the U.S.S Defiant and U.S.S Enterprise N.C.C 1701. (It's listed in the 'Undetermined Release' section.)

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