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# 1 Christmas Gif
12-07-2012, 11:34 AM
I know that no one cares, but Borticus can we the Ground pvpers get a Christmas Gift? Give us Cold Resistance please.

Im sure that is not in any schedule or priorities of the Company, because Space is the most played and its always gets attention first, but please is the ONLY major problem in Ground PvP, the ONLY one, the other ploblems we can deal with them until you guys fix Space.

Since the release of the Cryo Pulsewave in Season 6 Ground PvP has become unplayable, and its only ground of Tactical Officers for two reasons:

1. A super buffed tactical officer can one-shot you using the Arcwave Seeting of the Cryo Pulsewave, no matter how many defense buffs you are running
2. There no exist armor with high Cold Resistance, you only have the Environmental Suits that grants you around 15 of Cold Resistance, wich is very little resistance compared to the normal armors that have around +60 for all the energies.
Division Hispana

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