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# 3451 message to the devs
12-07-2012, 01:07 PM
My hangar suggestion. From what I know about every ship i the ST universe, they all have the ability to carry shuttles, and you would be hard pressed to find one that did not. So my suggestion is that every ship be given the ability the carry shuttles, while only the current carrier ships can have fighters. Now to not devalue all of the current carrier ships, give them an extra hangar bay to make up for the fact. To balance out everyone sending fighters and shuttles into combat, make it so when you lose a fighter and or shuttle, you get an injured crew member in return that goes to sick bay. Another suggestion is to allow the hangar launch to be automated if chosen so every 25 seconds fighters or shuttles are automatically launched for you.

My last idea is to allow people to customize the fighters and shuttles they have in their hangar, so when you equip them, under your crew tab the shuttle or fighter shows up and you can change what weapons and such it has. For example have the standard Peregrine fighter only have 2 weapon slots but the advanced has 3 that you can customize.

PS. can you make it so fighters fly away from a ship after it is destroyed so the warp core breach does not kill them.

So to sum it up.

Short term
-every ship gets a hangar, or an additional hangar
-only current carriers can mount fighters
-crew loss for losing a fighter in combat

Mid term
-make fighters and shuttles a little smarter so they avoid warp core breaches and such
-hangar auto launch system

Long term
-hanger ship customizations
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# 3452
12-07-2012, 05:11 PM
FIX THE LAG!!! that's it...
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# 3453 Ships and Clothes
12-08-2012, 09:24 AM
Short-term requests

Making an easier interface to pick a ship (I had a little bit of trouble finding the generic promotion one for some reason)
Provide more colour options for ships
Allow us to choose multiple locations for fleet emblems on our ships

Mid-term requests

Allow us to change the "U.S.S." to anything within five letters
Allow fleets to create a unique "U.S.S.", for example the Canadian Federation could use H.M.C.S.
Allow us to have our own personal emblem to compliment a fleet's emblem, with more options of where we can place them.

Long-term requests

More opponents
An in-game database of items and ships that shows stats.
More options for clothing.

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# 3454
12-09-2012, 01:12 AM
So I have been playing for over a year, I know not as long as you guys from beta but I think I know the game well enough to make some suggestions and not sound completely stupid. Please note that I am mainly a Fed player though I do have a KDF lvl 50 tac toon as well. To my fellow players please read completely before making remarks and please remember this is my point of view and I am sure not all will agree with me.

First Devs I?d like to thank you for a wonderful game that I truly enjoy. Being a father of 4 young kids and in college (I finally went back) time to me is a commodity that I don?t have much of and to find a great MMO where the endgame content is playable in short bursts and I can actually get somewhere (let?s face it the rep system isn?t an all-day system which is great). That being said since the launch of Season 7 and the new rep system it is harder and harder to manage dith to various projects. We now need to use dith for rep projects(weapons and gear that previously were obtained through drop items and had NO dith cost at all) as well as all the fleet projects it really leaves us struggling very hard to get things needing dith done. I personally feel that removing the dith cost from the projects and replacing it with something else, even GPL which is hardly ever used and not very hard to get, would greatly help us, especially the casual players who might only get to max out dith refining on only one toon a day and the others are pretty much left hanging. Speaking with various other players they echo this difficulty and in fact some entire fleets have put the fleet projects on hold until at least their core players get what they need out of the rep system. Switching out dith requirements for something else would really help and if you use GPL instead it atleast gives that currency some actual use since most everyone I spoke with have little to no interest in the items currently using GPL. Raising the amount of dith we can refine each day would also help with this problem, but I don?t know what doing that would do to the overall economy especially using dith to buy zen for use in the c-store, hence my suggestion to simply change it to something else.

Okay now that that particular rant is over how about a c-store character item that can up our captain?s skill points? As it stands now it?s not bad, just I know that myself and the players I spoke with would love to be able to add more skills since there are so many more skills we can take, and would be very useful but just never have the points for and I know the first thing that normally is skipped are ground skills where most of the players I spoke with put only what they must to advance the tree to get back into space skills. Everyone agreed though that they would gladly pay for such a cap boost.

Next I really think that small craft are getting shafted. The Feds have so many small craft available for purchase and just about nothing to do with them. We have 2 missions with them in the storylines as well as the vault event that almost no one does anymore with the rep system in place. So before carriers were developed for the Feds I had an idea but never posted it. I am going to now. First to all you KDF players,yes I know you have almost NO small craft, but if you look at your dith store you?ll see that the KDF does in fact have a lot of small craft, just about as many as the FEDs they just weren?t made available for player use as small craft, which I think they need to do and goes along with this next idea. So we have all these small craft and nothing to do with them, or next to nothing, and we have systems for combat pets, like the fighters now or saucer separation and the Oddy?s escort launch ship, and any of the ?large? starships(large as in normal and not the small craft I am talking about with this) we normally command all have shuttle bays with larger cruisers tending to have more bays? why can?t we use these small craft as combat pets? I mean obviously they would never replace carriers even if you gave a large cruiser like the oddy or the bortas (misspelled I know but you get the idea) 4 shuttle bays, that would be 4 small craft against even a single hanger carriers of 6 (fighter squads are deployed in groups of 3 after all). Make like basic shuttles, I think currently type 8 please forgive me I am not in the game at the moment, default for any unselected bays but allow us to put in our small craft if we?ve purchased them. It?d be cool if we could even keep the armaments we often change on them and maybe even assign bridge officers to fly them for an ability. Granted the last 2 ideas would give them a little more punch then a single flight deck carrier, but he too would also have normal shuttle bays would he not? I think it would just be cool to actually have a reason to buy the small craft from the store except for use in the aforementioned 2 story missions. If you guys add in the additional KDF small craft {since all the models are in game already that is atleast one step less right? I know more code would be needed to make them usable) and let use assign boffs to them I think a lot more people would be willing to spend their money on small craft, and extra boff slots lol. If having us arm the craft is too difficult to code in those I spoke to said that since the small ship weapons scale already that going with default load outs is cool too we just want to actually use them lol (I have purchased several small craft already and would get more if they had a real purpose even though the amount of fire power they possess wouldn?t really alter the game much and giving the KDF additional small craft to purchase for use with this would not upset the balance of ship designs really and everyone agreed that normal ships using the shuttle bays (basically non-carriers) shouldn?t get any more buttons then launch and dock, but I am not sure how that would work since carriers are already in game and probably the easiest way to code this idea in would be give the ships hangers, but only allow certain ?hanger? items that launch only one of the ships, and give us this item as account claimable but not tradable, so we can then use them? One idea that could make it work without using boffs (which honestly would be a cool wish item and most just agree that being able to launch our small craft in some form would be awesome and to us a little more ?realistic? since most of us agree that if we really were captains on starships we would totally launch small craft for at least interceptor duty of other small ships and destructible torps.

Also as a side note on carrier ships, I think you really should let us ?auto-fire? the launches. Once combat happens you often lose sight of your launched ships and it?s hard to tell when you need to launch more. Perhapes code into the button that it can?t be used when 2 groups are already active? That would avoid a lot of unneeded launches.

One last note to my fellow players? please remember if you don?t like these ideas you can say so without insulting me or other people who might like these ideas. I know that all of us can get very worked up about the game since many of us are avid Star Trek fans and very strong in our own ideas of what that is and means.

A last note to the devs, these are my ideas which I presented to some of my fellow players. We totally get that most of this isn?t a small or easy task to change, especially adding usable shuttle bays to nearly every ship, and none of us are asking for overnight miracles just making a few suggestions.

One more thing. I have not read the hundreds of pages of posts so I have no idea if these have already been mentioned.

I would also love to see an expansion on some of the stories left open currently, such as the Iconians. The Undine could use some more content too, a fun nasty enemy just not a lot there except when they tact onto a mission section, such as the few missions with the Feds in the Caradissian missions, more like DS9 but that is how they are listed in game. And for that matter what about the other major ancient races like the Organians?
And a big pet peeve of mine currently (I forgot this making my main post) is the scale of the interior of the ships… my God how tall were the people that designed and built these ships… some spaces feel like that almost have 20’ high hallways… really? I know there must be some reason for it from a programming context but I just don’t get it and would love to see it fixed to a more “normal” scale that fit more into what we have seen in the various TV series and the movies.

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1. Fix the Cover. A while back, the shields were nerfed and it was suggested that we learn how to use cover. Fine, but NPC enemies can shoot through walls, mountains of rock, and other supposedly durable structures. But my shots get blocked if there is so much as a shadow in the way, no matter what weapon I have. The game obviously knows where boundaries are, so why cant I hide behind stuff without getting blasted? I dont see how it improves gameplay to be shot by something I cant even see while hiding behind a giant rock.

2. Fix the glue-trap menus. When I get killed, a large percentage of the time it is because I am rooted by accidently wandering too close to some object with a menu. The object can be a drop or some sort of device I am supposed to interact with. In any case, a menu appears and my feet are stuck. Before I can tell the menu what to go do with itself, some bad guys shoot me. The transport pads and portals on Nukara are especially bad for this.

3. Make the dead die. Enemies should just die when they are dead. It takes the NPCS so long to die, I end up shooting at them after they are already dead. Instead of disintegrating or blowing up (which would be COOL!), they take three steps, then go "ooo-arr, ooo-arr, ooo-arr," *FLOP* like some B-movie death scene. As if that wasn't enough, they often shoot me one last time AFTER they are already dead. Speed things up a bit and no more after-death shooting, please.
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12-10-2012, 06:14 AM
Originally Posted by Archived Post View Post
Please list your top three requests for the devs in each of the following categories:

Short-term requests

These are small things that seem like they could maybe be done within a patch or two.

Would love to see a lock option on the UI so that I quit dragging it across the screen.

Mid-term requests

These are things which realistically would take a couple of months for the devs to do, given dev time, testing, balancing, and so on.

Crafting revisited.
Klingon Episodes / Content (doesn't have to be ships!)
Romulans as a playable race, even if like with Joined Trill you have to buy them.

These are the things above that I would love to see changed!
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# 3457
12-10-2012, 06:14 AM
1. A species-changing token in the C-Store.
2. Longer ship names. At least the same 40 letters that's allowed for bridge officer names.
3. Continuous fire in space by holding down the "Fire all weapons" key, instead of having to tap it like mad.

1. Bridge officers on all social maps, just like New Romulus.
2. Rewards for duty officer assignments proportional to the time they take to complete. Right now, most of the long assignments that don't have special rewards are a complete waste of time because the amount of dilithium and CXP per hour is so low.
3. Redo the bridge officer traits so there are space traits available for all species. Having every ship crewed by "Efficient" Saurians/Letheans is boring.

1. More options for customizing ship appearance.
2. Full ship interiors, with something meaningful to do there. Diplomatic missions, repel boarding party, holodeck, etc...(Being forced to visit your department heads in person because a few assignments don't show up in their assignment lists does not count as meaningful).
3. Proper exploration missions that involve some real exploration instead of endless repetition of "tag a few random objects" and/or "kill a few random enemies."
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1. Fix the "ship is under attack" warning when I launch my own fighters! Good lord, I don't think they are going to attack me.

2. More importantly, I think the devs should address how loot is given out. Recently I have noticed that more and more people just hit "need" and not greed in STFs. I have always read and been told that this is bad manners, and have tried, once I understood that, to refrain from doing so, but, recently, I find that most folks just hit need and so, after one or two items go by, so do I.

Why can't the loot drops be individual in nature?

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# 3459
12-10-2012, 02:36 PM

-Add more Fleet Emblems (specifically the Odyssey silloette).
-Fix the 'Federation Starship Interior: The Original Series' from the TOS Bundle so that the doff assignment NPCs are wearing the same TOS uniform as the rest of the crew.
-Fix the "Belfast" Bridge interior from the DS9 Bundle so that the crew (including doff assignment NPCs) are dressed in DS9 uniform.
-A Career Change token. Basically its a respec but you also choose a different career.


-Add doff assignments or something similar that allows Captains to unlock new sections of their ship. Like how Fleet Projects unlock/upgrade their starbase.
-Add more ship customizability or at least more areas of the ship that can be decorated. If not then at least make more different ship interior layouts (not talking about bridge layouts). I highly doubt the Defiant-class has the same circular interior layout as the Galaxy-class or the Galaxy compared to the Odyssey.
-TOS Enterprise Retrofit for VAs! Sorry it had to be said, lol.


-This should be under short-term but for some reason it hasnt eluded you guys. Address why the Human Traits: Leadership & Teamwork are hard for you to get working properly. And then it should go without saying but, fix it, please!

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12-11-2012, 01:20 AM
Short-term requests

Federation Playable Orion with cultural uniform/clothing through C-store unlock. If a Klingon and Borg can be Federation Captains it stands to reason an Orion could as well.

I tried to play the Klingon side to play an Orion but it is too dark for me to enjoy and I really want to be able to play an Orion. That is not to say the Klingon side is not done well, it is done well and that it is too dark and feels too much like playing the 'bad guys' to me leaves me thinking it is done better than other MMOs that allow players to play the 'bad guys.'

Nothing negative meant about the players who enjoy playing the 'bad guys,' it's just not my cup of tea, and just because I don't enjoy it does not make it something negative.

Mid-term requests

More clothing options for the Klingon side. I have no intent on continuing to play even my Orion on the Klingon side but I could tell in the time I played on the Klingon side of things that they really could use more options in the way of clothing. Not so much a want for me but a want for keeping players who enjoy playing in the Klingon Empire and care about clothing options enjoying playing STO.

Long-term requests

More variety in Formal and Off-Duty clothing, perhaps a traditional long gown formal set. More uniform packs, Formal and Off-Duty clothing for the Klingon side; same reasoning as the mid-term.

Ways to earn fleet and Romulan marks without combat. I am likely in a, oops edit: vast minority not majority, but as a pacifist I really like the ability to advance in STO with minimal combat and being able to do so continues one of the original intents of the Prime Directive, it is also fitting for a Captain from a peaceful race. I didn't mention Omega marks because by the nature of M.A.C.O. and Omega it does not really have a peaceful side and is not for the pacifist, Omega marks being earned only through combat makes sense.

Add to the exploration intent of the original series, add new, unexplored sectors of space every once in a while and areas where combat while exploring is the exception instead finding peaceful systems being the exception like it is now for the current exploration missions.

Correct and in future design of warp capable ship keep to Roddenberry's rule that the nacels had to have direct line of sight to each other in order to work.

Keep up the good work, I have played a lot of MMOs and have looked for an MMO in which there are objectives and advancement but a way to advance as a pacifist. I know I am in the minority among gamers but I don't think I am in the minority to choose MMOs as my games of choice because of the social element. I am really enjoying STO and hope to enjoy it for some time to come. I think the Devs are doing an excellent job and that no game is ever going to please everyone.

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