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# 1 It's fun and all...
12-08-2012, 06:50 AM
my recent experience with the resident n00bkiller, and this: those brilliant white clouds or whatever. I can't see which way I'm facing which is kinda like cheating, huh, PW?

A long time ago, I vowed to never spend another dime on anything intangible. Perfect World, you will never see any more money from me. I've already wasted $60 on you - money that could have gone toward stuff for my daughter's christmas.

And then, along come a-holes who want to ruin my gameplay fun by completely lambasting me over not being able to comprehend the shorthand of the community. Give me a wiki in plain friggin' english and I can wipe the quadrant with the lot of you. Put stuff in code, I'm chugging along best I can through trial and error or people explaining stuff to me.

I play for fun. I play because the world is beautiful. Not so much more than the outside world mind you. If that offends you, kindly kiss off.

All I want if to play and have fun. It's like Starfleet Command or Klingon Academy only bigger and broader. That's worth my $60. One-time payment for the game and I'm done. I can play whenever I like, just like the SFC CD-ROM.

I'll figure it out on my own.

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