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An Open Offer:

If your fleet has pretty much abandoned you, or if the fleet you formed fizzled, we'd like to offer you the opportunity to join one of the most vibrant, active, and fun fleets in STO. The Fleet Marine Force!
Our members respect the lore of Trek, and operate as a military-style unit. After all, When fighting a war on so many fronts, why would the Federation not reactivate the greatest war-fighters in History!!

We offer you a chance to associate yourself with truly talented players who manifest the true brotherhood and friendship of the REAL FMF (Several of our members have served there). We enjoy helping our brother officers build the ship of their dreams, helping them advance on the path of their choosing, and just hanging out together.

Come give us a look, and see what this truly remarkable fleet has to offer you!

www.stofmf.com From the main menu, select "Join" and follow the prompts to enjoy our recruting mission which will answer many of your FAQ's and give you a taste of Life in the FMF!

Fair Winds and Semper-Fi

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