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# 1 Windhund Federation Fleet
10-18-2012, 09:37 AM
If you are currently looking for a fleet come check us out at Windhund. We are not the biggest fleet out there but we are growing with a bunch of active players. We are a multi- Gaming cummunity that offers more than just STO to play. We are a casual group of individuals that enjoy playing games and haveing fun. We do not require you to be the uber player. we just want players that want to have fun and enjoy the game and commerodery of friends.
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We are currently openingly recruiting all levels for our active STO regiment, as part off the Windhund you become a member of a very active War Gaming Clan, we play many different games and have active regiments in..
  1. STO
  2. World of Tanks
  3. Mechwarrior Online
  4. IL 2
  5. CoH
  6. Planetside
  7. and Many Others.....

Feel free to take a look at 116 Panzer Division

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