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I did wonder if Cryptic has plans to make the KDF feel Klingon as far as to unfold story lines with new romulus with things related to Klingons and not a fed diet. One start would be is to develope a story with the romulan prison camp where the romulans, klingons and their children of mixed romulan and klingon heritage are doing since Worf last visited them in the birthright episodes.

I would think with decades gone by that romulus was destroyed that like D'tan they would want these people to join them and would further develop the KDF side of it. To me the rock picking and things that seem sort of like a fed diet would feel more KDF if it were also helping people who are atleast part Klingon. Our motivation lines would be... That is not a farming instrument that is a Bat'leth! WHat have you learned in the last 50 years! lol

Seriously though there is a lot of tid bits here and there in the IP to make it feel KDF without such nasty repeats of cut and paste

Also on topic of Klingon Content for any future Borg turning points with Omega Force I did have another idea for that story line where the Viidians found that Klingon DNA was resistant to their Phage. That the Kuvah'Magh was Miral Paris but her cureing those Delta Quadrant Klingons the things she was suppossed to do in the story I was thinking of is that by cureing them it helped create a new Delta Quadrant Empire that helps stop a borg invasion of the alpha quadrant beyond the possible things with new romulus, house of torg, jm'pok, worf, fek'ihr, story lines there is a lot that could be done with the KDF if they are allowed to make an attempt to try

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