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Hello all,

I'm a returning member of STO. I stopped playing several months ago, and you might have known me before as ACEMAN97. I had a couple of questions regarding the Fleet Ships you can acquire and some of the things regarding the specifications on those ships.

First of all, let me say I'm really happy to see this new mechanic of retrofitting all classes of ships and making them accessible via the fleet system. My favorite ship is the T2 Science Vessel, but it was kind of disheartening to move past Lieutenant Commander rank and have the ship be more or less "obsolete." The ability to acquire a viable Vice Admiral level Nova is the main thing behind reinvigorating my spirit in this game.

Anyway, I went on the wiki to read more about the acquisition and specifications of these fleet ships (I feel like Scotty in the 24th Century ). Looks pretty good. The "Fleet" variants are better than the standards, which is understandable for money-making purposes. But the thing that surprised me was what seems a considerable difference in performance.

Now, I can't say I know everything about this game. I left for what seems like forever and my knowledge of everything now is probably terrible. It just seems, at a stat glance, the Science Vessel Retrofit and the other ships are not exactly "on par." There is even a noticeable difference between it and the Commander-level ship Retrofit.

So, help me out here. Is there a big difference? If so, why? What exactly is the point of these fleet retrofits other than the sake of new content? I thought it was to bring diversity in fleet....well, FLEETS. I've wanted for such a long time to have a fleet action of 15+ ships, all different. An Odyssey, a Galaxy, a few Akiras in there....without sacrificing actual performance, still capturing the diversity and everything. They even did a good job of slightly altering each ship's role via different BOFF slots and Consoles instead of reskinning everything.

Sorry for the long post, anyway. Just help me out a little?

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