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Originally Posted by cliftona91 View Post

What were the Dev's thinking?
Is this some kind of troll, cause i know it sure as hell caused me to laugh.
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Originally Posted by upyournacelles2 View Post

Is this some kind of troll, cause i know it sure as hell caused me to laugh.
It was an actual serious question.

I don't troll unless I'm in a really bad mood
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the excelsior had to be at the very end of its usefulness around the time of the dominion war, there were several brand new classes that were of similar size or smaller that were much more capable and powerful, it shouldn't even be in a game that takes place 40 years later. same thing with the miranda
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Originally Posted by cliftona91 View Post
It was an actual serious question.

I don't troll unless I'm in a really bad mood
The devs don't think in terms of balance, but in terms of profit when there brainstorming these ships.
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There was this discussion on the Excelsior earlier in the year:

There were probably others, but what other thread offered the dimensions of the Toyota Yaris?
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In all likelihood the Regent was envisioned as a sort of ultimate array'scort. Zipping around tearing things apart with 7 Arrays and its WA torpedo launcher. Works nicely in PvE w/ TT1, FAW1, Spread 2, and AP:B2.

Again, though, that's PvE. Arrays are terrible in PvP, yes even at spam clearance thanks to FAW's accuracy issues, and their own inherent method of operation. Each array slowly fires 4 "pulses' of damage at a target which means their weapon power debuff is applied for the duration of their pulses. To get the most out of them you have to fire many of them at the same target, meaning you have a ton of weapon energy drain going on (this is why over-capping weapons power is absolutely critical for arrays). Now, combine those traits into a weapon that deals at most a moderate amount of damage over a very long period and you start to see why arrays are so tepid in PvP: They struggle to keep up an effective healing tax on a given target, and when switch on FAW they struggle to clear anything other than mines and actively reduce your ability to keep pressure on a target, let alone make hole in a target's shields long enough to get torpedoes through it.
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Originally Posted by cliftona91 View Post
Tool tip says plasma, I checked.

Still disappointed that one of the most beautiful ships and supposedly one of the more advanced ones isn't any better than an 120 year old antique (albeit one that still kicks ass) and in fact it's worse.

What were the Dev's thinking?
well a lot of things have been thrown out the window since STO isn't allowed to change canon/prime timeline.
BUT, the logic i suppose with the above would be that it is a NEW ship that utilizes an old design (no school like the old school). I really don't think they'd be using the exact same ships from 120 years ago, that wouldn't be feasible - and it would be contradictory to UFP's ideal(?) of bettering themselves. If the design is sound, there's no reason to get rid of it.
But in Star Trek canon they've found ways to improve their technology, and new designs to fit the new ideas. Anyway, my train of thought might not make the most sense - i'm just thinking out loud.... ^.^
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It's been a while since I made my thread asking for help with my Galor, so I thought I'd update on my progress and performance with my current build, crafted using the very helpful suggestions I was given. The build follows.

Sci Captain (Jecoa of the IKS Seska, in case anyone's seen me around)

Cardassian Galor

Fore Weapons: 3x Spiral Wave Disruptors, 1x Photon Torpedo Mk XII
Aft Weapons: 3x Spiral Wave Disruptors, 1x Kinetic Cutting Beam

Shield, Deflector: Omega Mk XII
Engine: Honor Guard Mk XI

-Eng--2x Neutronium Mk XI, 1x EPS, 1x Borg
-Sci--2x Flow Capacitor Mk XI, 1x Field Generator Mk XI
-Tac--3x Disruptor Coil Mk XI

Boff Slots:

Comm Eng--DEM III, EWP I, Aux2Batt I, EPtS I
LtCom Tac--BO III, Torp SpreadI I, Tac Team I
Lt Eng--Aux2Batt I, EPtA I
Lt Uni--HE I, TSS 2
Ens Sci--TB I

Doffs: 3xTech (1 Purp, 2 Blue), 1x DEM (Purp), 1x EWP (Blue)

Since finishing most of the build (still working on getting two more Tech doffs) I've been doing extremely well in PvP, able to take on most escorts 1v1 and doing exceptional damage over the course of a match. I haven't followed *all* of the suggestions made in that thread, though. My reasons for doing so are as follows.

Photon over Plasma torps: I wasn't able to get a Plasma torp as good as my Photon, for one. Secondly, I felt the photons helped me more against targets stripped of their shields, which is where I was lacking. Eventually I hope to try out the Omega torpedo.

Kinetic Cutting Beam over a 7th Spiral Wave: Continuing with that problem, i figured having the kinetic beam would help my hull damage considerably, and dropping the 7th beam didnt seem to lower my shield damage all that much. Also, the Cutting Beam gives me the Omega Weapons proc that helps keep my power level at max(and seems to stack with the DEM boff) and, according to the tooltip, it is affected by Tetryon Glider.

Omega 2pc and KHG Engine over 3pc Borg: I tried the Borg set out, and found that my survivability wasn't greatly increased over the Omega 3pc. In 1v1s and generally when not focus-fired, I didn't have much trouble keeping my shields up, and when focus fired the Borg regen didn't help much at all. So, I opted for the extra shield damage from Tetryon Glider. Additionally, I found that having my engine system offline was one of the things that ended up getting me killed most often (especially with no Engi team of my own), so having Hot Restart from the KHG engine was worth sacrificing the 3pc Omega bonus in my mind.

Overall I'm extremely happy with how my ship has turned out, and am very grateful to drunk and nacelles for their advice. /tiphat
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Originally Posted by stealthrider View Post

Cardassian Galor
This looks really solid to me. One thing is the flow caps, I think you might get more mileage out of the damage particle generators would add to EWP and DEM than what flow caps adds to tet glider. But you might have checked that already cause it seems like you're parsing and squeezing every bit of efficiency out of this already.

Torp type is, I think, going to have a minor impact on your build. I like Plasma for premature HE, especially if you spread it around and they can't hand it to a buddy, but that's just me.

But yeah, overall it looks pretty tight to me.

Agreed on the Hot Restart, I'm a pretty big fan of that feature.
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If you just want pure damage with your torps I'd recommend quants, trannies aren't bad either but they only really shine with the mine shield pen. Chrons are a fantastic team torp and plasma is great for forcing premature Hazards (synergizes with EWP for the same reason).

I'm not a torp expert and I agree with Red that it's really not a huge deal but personally I'd say photons' usefulness is limited at best.

Also not sure how I feel about the cutting beam (it misses a lot and the proc seems buggy) but since it's early days I'll save comment on that in particular.

vids and guides and stuff

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